Why Even 1 Hidden Addiction Matters

Hidden Addictions

Do you wonder why hidden addictions matter? Do you wonder why they are important to discover and how you can get about releasing them? Let’s back up a bit, so share why you are here. You see, it’s all about your purpose in the end. So that’s where we’ll start…

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As Memorial Day approaches, and the weekend looms large, I ask for your assistance. Would you consider helping me out? I’m preparing for my next road trip and wondering if you would like to attend our next in-person event. Our next upcoming event needs your assistance. I’m bringing our insights and updates along the East Coast and could use your input. Please let me know a city near you where we could host an upcoming event. We also want you to attend one of our events; would you consider doing so? I’d love to know if you can suggest a great place to host one of our upcoming events. 

Are Those You Dislike a Mirror

Mirror Image

Do you wonder why another person does as they do? Or, why do their actions and your beliefs about what they do, connect to you so viscerally? Could they be acting as a mirror? A mirror to see what you could not see without them? Is this possible? Have you heard about this mirror image concept before?

An Unscripted Road Trip

Unscripted road trip

Have you ever considered living an unscripted life? Have you ever pondered living life in a way that isn’t as the mind suggests? Have you ever wondered and then connected to your heart space to begin a new adventure? And what about your purpose? Is it time to consider this life differently? I’ve just returned from a 6-week unscripted road trip. And I’ve got a lot to share. 

You can Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

There are many pathways to get you to the life of your dreams. You can live your dream. Are you ready to explore the endless possibilities that each day offers? When you are, I can tell you personally that unbounded vistas can be viewed, and your life will never be the same again. False beliefs will fade away, and you can discern from what the mind suggests and what is awaiting your discovery. Live your dream now.

The Greater Purpose Audiobook

The Greater Purpose

Do you wonder about your purpose and how our purpose books might assist you? Now The Greater Purpose, which is a three-book compilation, is an audiobook. The featured excerpt here talks about planting seeds to grow your future. Do you plant seeds for future growth? Have you wondered about the value of doing so?

Why Recognition Matters and Is So Important

Recognition is key

Do you wonder about recognition and why it’s so important? Do you wonder why it matters in such a big-picture sort of way? Here we’ve suggested that hidden addictions are what you might choose now to recognize and why these little or big things need to be recognized in this way.

What’s the Value of a Story?

Is there value in the story?

So what is the value of a story? Do you wonder about a bad occurrence and want to vividly communicate that story to your friends and colleagues? Do you want to get a reaction from what it produced? And once you have that oh-so-important realization that the story allowed you to recognize, do you let the story go, or do you continue in the retelling of it? You see, ego wants to be the greatest sufferer. Ego wants to be stroked, nurtured, and coddled. It wants to be the one who is seen as the victim and to hear from others how bad these things were. But were they really? So I’ll ask again. What’s the real value of a story? Do you know?

The #1 Definitive Guide to Self-Healing and Transformative Change

Find our books

I want to share a brief story but first, I’m happy to announce that Awaken will soon be released as an audiobook! Yes, you’ll soon be able to listen to Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change! I’m anticipating its release in April 2023! It’s so exciting that I couldn’t keep this news to myself any longer. Find its meditations and easy-to-follow steps as you delve into this audiobook’s deeper messages. It’s been a big process and one that I hadn’t fully anticipated. Yet I’m so grateful that it is finally out of my hands and going through the final review process.