The 24 Hour Challenge

24 hour challenge

Let’s discuss how to maintain positive thoughts, and a 24-hour challenge to give this challenge a try. Do you understand why the mind operates as it does—and what you can do to stay in the flow of positive thinking? Stay in positively charged energy and discover the difference we describe.

The Purpose of Pain

Pain's Purpose

Have you wondered as to the purpose of pain? Perhaps you feel depressed or out of sorts and wonder why this is as it is. Maybe you’ve searched to find healing methods or alternative modalities that will restore your life to a state of wholeness. Sometimes you succeed yet at other times, you fall victim to illness and disease. Each resulting consequence takes you either closer to a carefree existence or to an existence complicated by such maladies. Do you push back on what life has to offer? Do you demand it to be without one thing or another?

Positive Thinking is Key

Positive Thinking

Each day is a building block for the next. Do you realize that positive thinking will change your life? Make it your goal to surpass yesterday’s accomplishments by connecting with positive thoughts today. Build even greater momentum to achieve just a little more from your day in this way.

Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely

Do you choose wisely? What about your dietary choices? It’s so important to eat those things that are beneficial to your body. Give it the fuel that it needs to carry you to your next accomplishment.



Do you trust yourself to make the best decisions? Do you trust others? How do you know who to trust? Do you rely too much on what others say? Do you seek their input above your own insights or before you connect within?

Redirect Negative Thoughts

All is Possible

Have you wondered about the thoughts you think? Are they positive and uplifting or judgemental and unkind? Redirect negative thoughts to something that makes you feel good. Does that seem too simple to be true. Is it really that easy to shift from the negative banter such thinking suggests?

Choices and All They Produce

Choices are Key

Do you recognize how your choices have led you to where you are today? To read this post was a choice. Do you also realize how one choice can change the trajectory of where you might otherwise be?

Might You Frame Your Day

Aladin's lamp

Do you frame your day? Do you let the day know what you expect from it? Do you set intentions and qualify all? With this in mind, when you awaken, sit with thoughts of wonderment and awe. Give points of gratitude and cite the outcomes you seek to occur in your upcoming day and then move from that point into your actual day.

All are the One

Know that all are the One

Do you recognize that you are a part of the one? Do you realize that there is no separateness? And with that understanding firmly affixed, let’s focus on YOU. You in the sense of who are you and why is “You” such a separate or individual concept? For you see, You are not You as there is, You and You & Me. For we are (as we have said before) all connected and there is no separateness.

Your Perception is Key

perspective and clarity

Interpretations are significant, but are they accurate? Your perception is key. What you believe matters more than you may currently realize.