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Robyn Locke

the Elders & Robyn

What questions do you have that will help guide you to a different course of action?

We’ll help you look at things differently and gain a new outlook for the perspectives you hold.

After a very long time of making each other miserable, I had asked my wife of 43 years for a divorce. But I still wanted us to get along and not be bitter towards each other.

I would have approached this all wrong if I hadn't talked to Robyn first. She understood what I was trying to achieve. She showed me how to be aware of what makes me happy and design a plan each day to achieve that.

I'm much calmer now. My life with my new wife is very happy. My ex-wife, 2 daughters, grandchildren, and my new family all get along just fine!  


I had an interview for a higher position at work and was nervous about it. I wanted more money than what was offered but afraid to ask for it. I had negative thoughts and no self-confidence.

Robyn showed me how to start my day with positive thoughts and energy. I did what she said and felt good about it.

I was offered the position and got the salary I asked for. Now I have a less stressful job and a different way of looking at things.  


I am enacting steps outlined in the What If Book of What Is. One of those steps recommends that I begin each day from my heart center. So that’s what I’m doing. And my days are different. I’ve noticed a physical difference in my energy, in how I feel, and how I approach each thing. It’s brilliant. I wish I'd been doing this all along. What I’ve recently experienced has caused me to realize how much I need this. I’m also working toward being more accepting of a different timeline. To no longer need for things to be progressing so quickly. Realizing that sometimes those quick fixes don’t help me in the long run.

I’m not a person who likes things to take their time. I want it all and I want it all right now! So this is a bit of adjustment. But it’s a good adjustment that I know I can adjust to do.  


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