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Experience for Yourself

Luna R.


Robyn has a gift for giving voice and LIFE to spaces where there is ignorance or darkness. She holds heartfelt and pertinent medicine for folks who need an energy boost and to get refocused on their offerings in the world. She lights up when she shares as she lights everyone else up in the process.

Carlton Ann

I felt a deepening of my own abilities to discern through exercises introduced. I plan on staying connected to Robyn and hope she will return to further share her message. 

Be Gladhill

Robyn's workshop was brilliant in many ways.  I felt the connection to the Elders through her presence.  Her translation of their insight was life-affirming and life-altering and I am more connected to my soul because of the experience.

Betty George

This workshop changed how I see things. It caused me to make different choices by offering guidance that gave me clarity. Thank you Elders!

Robyn helped me see through some of my darkest times.

The messages from the Elders provide me with clarity on ideas I haven’t seen presently in this way elsewhere.

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Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, confused, or lost in life? Does it seem like others have the answers you are now in search of? Are you unfocused or unhappy? Do you continually relive negative events in your mind, or deal with depression? Are you ready for a change? Ready to embrace a new perspective on how to view life?

Are you doing all the right things but still don’t feel fulfilled? Find your answers when we work together. Life is meant to be fun! Join us for an in-person event to move beyond any self-limiting beliefs holding you back.

We have the answers.

We’ll introduce the pathway to initiate change. Our methods originate from insights given from a different vista of awareness, a 360-degree vantage that is unbounded. You see, the Elders’ vantage is not limited by the mind or its mental constructs or trappings. 

If you don’t know of the Elders, they are the means of moving your life beyond what the mind suggests. Moving and shifting from what was once believed. They allow a breath of fresh air to enter in, and for you to recognize a different pathway leading to the life of your dreams. Look for shifts to occur during our time together. You will leave our time together knowing this life has much more to offer. Its possibility and promise will be evident as you view this life differently and feel that difference as a result. Yes, this 3-hour workshop will spark the beginning of your own transformation.

Be present. Be mindful. Become self-aware. In doing so, you will set the stage for your individual transformation to occur. It is in this realization that you will see how this life has so much more to offer – more than you once may have believed it to be. You will leave changed. And of that we guarantee. 

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