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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where should awakened people go to meet more awakened people?

Might you realize that all is drawn to you as the Law of Attraction implies? You don’t need to go anywhere special. Those you seek are always within arms reach. You must remain aware and in the state of continually looking.

We suggest not in a needy way but in an expectant one. In this way, you can receive by seeing what is given in response to your focused attention and inner desires.

Sometimes you must look in a way you haven’t looked before. Shake things up a bit. Do the unexpected. When you align one way or another, the thoughts you keep draw in what is focused upon. Do you inwardly believe you will not find someone? Do you focus on the negative rather than the positive? These thoughts move you further away or closer to your heart’s objective. It can be no other way.

Also, be sure to begin your day from the heart space, rather than mentally. You will align differently with the day. Your energy will move you as it now aligns … in a new way. Recognize this and look unceasingly. Intend to plant seeds of positive intention. Release the negative self-talk. In this way, you can manifest and grow all you desire.

Yes. It is a significant and real enterprise to be sought. It is that the mind and ego have quelled what was the original objective sought so long ago. Do you see there is much here on this Earth that does lessen and lower what once was of a higher vibration? And today, you must rise up and move beyond the lesser one to reach something of greater significance.

Most do not realize they are in a mind game most of the time.

So let us ask, do you first connect to your heart space or mentally as you begin the day? The answers received when doing one or the other will differ vastly. Do you see that the frequency and vibration will shift and change accordingly? And so when you begin the day with electronics and mentally conspire to know from there, the day will flow one way. If you begin from the heart space asking to be more consciously aware throughout the day, it will be a different day from the other. And those two frequencies will not intersect as they are vastly different in their scope and measure.

So enlightenment is to awaken to that greater part of you. We do not mean this in a lofty way but one of measure. You see, you are connecting one way or another. And so, your days will differ. The things you encounter and see will differ. You will have a different sort of day in play depending on how you begin it.

Do you routinely ask for more mentally or from the heart space? And so, be mindful and become the conscious observer of all you seek within this day and the next. It is the means of so much more being a part of your life. We hope to make the loving space of the heart what you seek first above all else.

This is the means to discover your purpose, your original purpose. Seek this. In doing so, move back to why your Soul chose to incarnate here in the first place. Get about that and you will know the true value of this phenomenon. It is worthy to be rediscovered. Seek more in this purposeful way.

Can your purpose be enacted sooner than it seems possible to do right now?

It’s all up to you how quickly it will manifest. Is it a priority to do so in your life? Then it will be made manifest more quickly than were it not.

Would you provide me with general advice on advancing forward from where I am today?

This early time within the day is most especially important now because it is a time when there is not much activity within life or within your household. So if you can set up a timetable, whatever time that may be, where there is stillness, then you can truly do inner reflection and grounding. Then you can more exponentially propel from one point to the next with more fluidity and flow. Do you see?


Yes. Yes, I see.


And so there is no rightness or wrongness of doing this or doing that and propelling in a more rapid proximity for you see there is no time where we come from and time is simply illusionary. And so when you look upon it from that methodology, from that stance, from that premise, and you look again, time will become more easily attained and not as precious as it is in the push and pull of it that it does allude the one. So recognize that it is endless. It is an opportunity. It is the mental construct in which it is framed that does cause it to be more stagnate, more difficult to attain, and more sought from the timeframe in which the availability might be more readily gleaned. Do you see that when you encapsulate it for a specific frame within the day, it becomes more illusionary, more difficult to find? And so you set new parameters. You set new guidelines. You extend the endless potential that time does seem to elicit. And then you are playing in the field of promise, potential, and possibility.

Then all is possible, for you have set new guidelines and you have eliminated the resistance in that time.

Dealing a lot right now with releasing weighty issues from the past. A lot of my self-sabotage was taught in my early youth. Is there any advice to easily let it go?

Within the (Awaken) book which you hold, there are passages, exercises, and steps you might take that will minimize and delineate the looping mechanism that is occurring. When you engage with these, recognize that they are not the only way in which to manifest such steps, but they are examples that you might employ.

And you may say, Oh, this might work better for me, or that might work better for me. And so, those steps you might also employ. And recognize, too, that they are within the book, but you are to move through the book in the manner in which it was given as opposed to skipping here to there.

And so, we would say that perhaps there is more that needs to be engaged before you get to the looping exercises that are there. And so, step into each and realize that each is an elevation of energy by doing and maximizing the steps that are so outlined in the prior pages. And then, when you get to the looping mechanism, you have done the work before you get to that point on other issues that you may not be aware (currently) exist.

And so, as you move through them, recognize that there is a methodology and a purpose to engage with each as so outlined. And then, when you reach the looping, you will see that things diminish in their repetition. And so, it is too for a purpose.

All is in cue. And it is simply to make the necessary time to be able to implement that which is before you.

My purpose is to assist people to be happy. I don’t know how I achieve that. Not sure how I can do this and have that complete liberation.

As you look to determine what this energy is that you want to know more fully,
you might take the posture of a child. As you look upon all life from the aspect of
whimsy and wonderment, might you know and recognize that the energy you keep
is a light and beacon for many. And it is a true testament to understand and know
this intrinsically from within.
And so when you sit in contemplation, meditation, or however you best
connect to what we will say (or call), Source Energy, to receive those insights and
understandings, do so as you formulate the phrase: I love all life and serve in
gratitude, wonderment and purpose. As you focus upon that phrase, then enter into
a short meditation. Do so with a journal so you might jot down what comes to you.
For it is in the journey and in the discovery of those deeply held intrinsically
perfected elements that are held ever so safely and nestled within.
For you have a body vessel that does harbor and keep those things which are
of unique significance to you. The key is to hone in on this. Hone in by the
resonance, the way these things feel, and the way that you feel in relation to them.
For when you seek you will find but not in a what we might say, needy energy.
It is the posture and the energy you keep that will allow you to align with
what you seek. For if the energy is not in alignment with the energy you seek, it will
be a misfire of sorts.
It is like taking a key and placing it into the wrong lock. And although it will
fit, it will not turn the lock to access that which you seek. And so it is an energy key
in many regards that you must recognize is necessary.

And so, seek to release any predisposed things that you feel less than having.
In other words, release what you prefer or cannot live without. To recognize that
you have more than you can ever know or wonder toward. For when you look for
something that is not in front of you, something you cannot readily see, it is the
energy you keep in order to access it as a key.
And so align with it in this way. Release the neediness, the wanting, and put
on the cloak of surety. The cloak of all-knowing. The cloak of Love and the mantle
that will move you toward all that is.

I need to ask about the broken relationship with my Mother. That is where most of my self-doubt comes from. I internalized much of that. What advice do you have for me here?

Can you see the gift that lies in all? For the one who speaks before you, she did
have a past life where there was much adversity. But the adversity is the gift. For in
your purpose, in what you outlined, you did seek to understand and maximize a
A component that, in order to maximize, you must know the converse of it.
And so do you see that in what the other did create within such adversity that truly
there is a gift there. And so, pull yourself out from the drama of it. And look with
more succinct eyes at what is given and what is derived from such an experience.
Recognize and give gratitude for it is in the recognition of what this one did
provide that you will see more within your own life dynamic.

I keep hearing a phrase that I’m wanted. This is in answer to something I heard recently that was coming in and is unwanted...

Release the constraints that the mind does impose upon the flow of such
conversations. The mind does pick and choose and craft what does not exist. And
so, when it is recognized that all is in place, and all propels and moves in a manner
that is perfectly aligned and perfectly in place for you to see what was not readily
visible before — move from that space and know that all is possible. All is given.
And all is within reach.

I’ve been told that my seizures were a part of my Soul’s path. I’m bringing in too much energy. Damage in the crown chakra. Does that need to be repaired? This situation keeps me in a trauma, fight or flight anxiety. Does it need to be repaired? Every time I try to access beliefs I seem to aggravate the situation. Where can healing happen? How do I get out of fight-or-flight anxiety to repair something in need of repair?

: We would say to step out of the mind. This is a weightier prospect for some
than others. But we would say specifically that when there is all the posturing of
this occurrence and that occurrence, it does engage the mind in somewhat of a
mental frenzy. For the mind then looks to reinforce what has been given. And looks
to activate and enact that which need not be in its totality.
And so we would say to engage in meditation as you are able or
contemplation or whatever methodology you so prefer that disengages the mind.
And then, when you move from that vantage and you engage in breathing exercises
and deep breathing and elicit a posture that moves you within. Moves you within
your heart center, where you can then resonate with the energy that is in the center
of it all.
For when you stop and shift the script that you have been given, and you
shake it up a bit, and you recognize that you do not need to enact and react in the
manner that has been, let us say, dictated before.
And it is a belief. There is a deep-seated belief of this or that to be. And we
would say if you can shake loose of that belief system and do the healing within
the heart center and do the heart center expansion where you will shift from this to
that in a different way for you then change the trajectory of what has come before.
But when things have been spelled out and then reiterated and then given
again and perhaps (given even) another time, to where there is no point because
this is the way it is and there are steps, but these are those, and those are these …
then the mind has the pathway, and there is the relinquishment of the awareness to
put the mind and the mental banter and its chatter in its place. We would say that
the mind, ego, and those components are tools that man was given for a time to navigate through this world of form. But many do not know the difference (any
longer) between the mental cavity, the mental box, and the egoic voice. And these
are not the Soul’s voice.
For the Soul’s voice is the meek, smaller, almost nonexistent one that is in the
backdrop of the mind’s eye and the backdrop of the mental posturing. And you
must pause; you must wait. For if you move in any way that is not paused and
measured, you are in many ways moving more in a mental or egoic frenzy. This is
not for just this one but for the many because there is not the understanding that
the mental box and ego rule the roost these days, and they often do not elicit the
best insights or advice to the ones who they address.
Know what is about you. And know what is seeking to enlist insights and
methodologies for you to employ for they may not be of good measure at all. They
may be more of a pattern or a methodology that is time to be delineated in a way
that, it is in a manner of speaking, disintegrated, (and) diminished. Done in a
different manner because there needs to be a disruption sometimes from these
thought processes that relegate one (or another) to a certain situation.
And so, move into that contemplated awareness as you become the
awareness of all that is within your life, for you are the creator of your life and this
lifestream. And in many ways, there can be multiple steps taken that will progress
you from this space to another.
But it is a retraining of sorts in some manner of speaking so that the mind is
now put into its preferred cue as ego, for they need not rule the roost or maintain
the ability to control as they have before. But it is in the not knowing that there was
something more underfoot in a good way.
And so, seek inner alignment. Seek to relegate those tools that are tools to be
tools once again. To be enlisted and used, and needed, and employed when there is
the need for their engagement when you call upon them in the need of the hour.
But not that they appear and immediately engage you to do this or that.
We want to make sure that this is clear. That this is understandable, and if
there is a point that we need to elaborate on. We await your next reply.

Will I learn how to integrate my personal as well as business dealings? Will things be continually jumping back and forth as I’d like to have more.

As you move, there is an integration going on below the surface. The mind will meld and manipulate what is occurring below and behind the scenes. Allow yourself the space in which to move so that you do continue and are continuously integrating new information in the substrata of what is. Because all is, integrating, there is the desire to understand it from the perspective of the mind, and that is not of importance at this point or really truly at any point. Because the mind does choose what it chooses and marinades in that. So there is a degree of wonderment and awe that is occurring within the depths of self. Allow this. Recognize it. And be at peace that it is melding and integrating with your system.

They mentioned deep breathing and to connect with the energy of the heart. I’ve tried this, and it doesn’t seem to work for me. I have challenges in getting beyond the thinking mind. What might be successful that would get my mind or ego to no longer rule the roost?

We would say that it is a manner of training for there have been teenagers without a curfew. And so when you recognize that there is never the preference to not control when one is of the calibre of a teenager who looks to see how far they can reach before perhaps their hand is slapped.

And so, recognize that as you take baby steps and as you move in the awareness of recognizing that you want to gain control over the vessel, and we would say the mental vessel, that you do so from a posture of Love and understanding. That you Love yourself unconditionally and that you remove any shackles or ties that make it feel that you must do thus and such in a more quick fashion.

But that in the loving energy as you then move and engage deep breathing in whatever methodology you prefer. We have described deep-breathing before. It is not necessary to do it this way or that and so we do not give that now. But rather say to move into the practice of looking for different breathing styles that feel appropriate to you. And then as you move into those states, know that it is as the flexing of a muscle. It is the muscle growing and to become more strengthened. That as you move to do these things, these different steps, there will be also a growing ability to do it more fluidly the next time. And it will be less encumbered and more easily
gained as you move from this to that in a method that does resonate for you. For each (practice) is specific and unique (to you). And so we would say not only stop upon one but to look at several different options and to play with them. Engage them and enjoy. And to look upon each without the drudgery of discovery. But to perhaps look upon the joy of knowing this thing that does feel appropriate to you. And as you do this, you will grow the intuitive aspect within you. Then know you are connecting in the right way. You are giving that ability trust.

In this way, you know that each is aligning and buoying you toward more. As you navigate this, know there is nothing specifically so, but rather those that feel best in their use. It is an energetic component that you are searching, and seeking to locate here. Do so in a deeply centered way and always in Love.

What’s my role and my purpose in life?

Those who have a purpose know that they have one because they seek to
discover it. But it is a part of the endeavor, it is a part of the discovery, for you to
discover your objective for being.
And you can discover this by paying attention to the feeling evoked in the
doings of your activities. Focus there as that will allow you to discover more quickly
what this thing is.

What’s my purpose?

Your purpose can be whatever you want it to be. Whatever lights you up,
whatever you love, and enjoy doing. Know that your purpose is an energy.

Is there a shortcut to finding your purpose?

Yes. You can shortcut this process and find your purpose more readily if it
becomes your number one priority and the why within your day. Why you are living
and why you are here. That’s how you might see it. It is more significant than you
may realize right now

Dropping from the head to the heart, what does that do?

It sets you on a different trajectory and moves your frequency to another
space. Connecting you differently than before.

Are you able to remember what is said?

Sometimes I remember, but usually, I just remember bits and pieces. I’ve
learned to write everything down because often, I’ll remember such a small amount
while thinking or believing I’ve remembered all that was given.

Can the Elders share what our purpose is? How do I remove these blocks? And how did Robyn discover hers?

Before going to bed before sleeping, I’d pose a question. And as I’d awaken,
I’d receive insights. When in the dream state, you’re in an illusionary time. So I’d
write down what was given quickly…as I didn’t want to lose it.
You can also claim your energy and bring in gifts that were created in
another time.
Be of the drama rather than in the drama. Move in a way of preference and
move beyond the drama when possible.

Do the books work to remove blockages?

Awaken gives you options and more defined steps to take. Use these books as
a springboard to discover other ways to clear out misaligned energy stored within.
You can use the insights given to spark or begin creating even more ideas.
Enact whatever you do from the platform of Love. See life and move
differently than you thought before…

I have nightmares and would like to know what these bad dreams mean or why I have them.

We would say to release the conjectures and the posturing of negativity by
making the affirmation before bedtime, Release from me all that is not of service as I delve
and deeply engage with restful sleep.
As you set the intention and develop the framework and belief that this will
be so, then you lessen the hold of the mind and the other engagements that are in

How do I stop being numb?

It’s not wrong to feel something that isn’t good. Sometimes we just want and
need to feel what we feel. We’re not meant to always feel good here. Sometimes it is
the converse energy we are to feel…


We would say that we send Love to this one and all who are here. And we
want you to feel this Love as this energy beams out to you. And that all in life is
meant to recognize those with whom you share a deep love…whether currently or
in the past. But to know that space and to know how all is Love in so many shapes,
sizes, and forms. Each one that is in physical form does have a heart center. And
sometimes one connects more fully and completely to another and that heart
center. And there may not be a rhyme or reason for it other than there is a more
deeply felt connection that was established prior to embodiment.
In the connectedness of all that is, recognize that each is, in a measure, that
Love component that never goes away. That always is accessible because it is pure
energy, and there is never the inability for pure energy to not be felt or accessed.
For that is the beauty of energy; it is most accessible. But you see, it is an alignment
to that energy and to that energetic one. That you must align in a manner, too, that
again, it is a key that does fit in the lock. And when those components do come
together in a most specific way, there is a magic, almost, we would say. For there is
the one to the other of the knowledge and of the spark of the awareness that they
knew this one and this one knew them, and that is for a purpose. And when that is
lost, can it be? Can it be lost in the way pure physicality might imply? And we would
say no. And each time there is that one, there is and can be the focus. And when
that focused energy is placed upon the one, that one does come into view because it
is an energy alignment or key.
And so, we would say that there is the gratitude for the design of all that is
for there is not the bulkiness of the body. For the body is a vessel that does hold many energies and many things. But ultimately, all returns back to that energetic
source from which it came.
And so, we would say to align with that energy at anytime when there needs
to be a buoying up or reconnection to what was and always will be, for there is no
loss, only reemergence. And a reemergence in a healthy and whole manner than
sometimes it was before.

I died and came back to life; I survived a brain aneurysm. I was told I was a phoenix. I have seen spirits in the room since I’ve had this situation. I believe my purpose is to do what I’ve been doing. I know my mother is always with me. She showed up in a dream a couple of nights ago. Should I develop my skills as a medium rather than what I do now?

Feel your way through this. Sit with it and ponder the question.


We would say in the stillness, there is the greatest connectivity to what you
seek to know. The key is not to relegate your beliefs upon one or the other and what
they may say. It is in a manner not using your own discernment of what is the best
choice for you.
And so, as you ask, and there is certainly no limitation on the number of
people or individuals or Essence that you can ask, but in the asking, then consider
the response. But it is not to be a mental consideration; it is to be a heart center
consideration. For so often, it is the mental posturing that does diminish what was
before. And so, sit with it. But sit with it in the wholeness of your heart center.
Enter into a heart meditation, then pause. Then as you contemplate what was
given, then move from that space to ask for more.
For when you relinquish the reins of control to another, they have their
potential posturing in play. In other words, they have drawn a conclusion based on
their limited knowledge. And now they will give you their pronouncement as such,
and it may or may not be the full totality of what might be, must be, needs to be
considered. The only individual who knows the full scope of those other
components is self.
And so, when you ask another, in perhaps even to say dreams and what a
dream means, they may elicit a totally different understanding than you may be
aware. And so, it is a manner of speaking relinquishing what you inwardly know to
be so. And it is only a matter of staying with it. It is the “staying with it” that is often
the difficulty. For in the staying with it, there is the mind which wanders. The mind But recognize that the mind is a tool. And the mind need not become
engaged in this way if it is not the time for you then become the director of the
enterprise. You become the director of all that is moving forward in this space of
time, and you become the steward of what is a good time to pause and
contemplate. For it is in the contemplation of all that is to be proffered and all that
is to be considered that needs to actually occur. For when one moves too quickly
from here to there without the full assessment of what they might otherwise glean
had they waited just a bit longer.
So we would say to linger in all you seek and then linger some more. And
then linger for a time and more time. For sometimes things are wanted quickly. And
if you have been in embodiment a number of times and you did not get this then
perhaps try it a bit differently this time. And then always move in a component of
Love. Self Love. But Love, knowing that each is an extension and component of
the other and of self. And if there were the true understanding of what this means,
the connectivity that does connect all, then there would be a different methodology
in play today. And so, recognize that there is not an urgency to know this before
that by a certain time? But if it is time or past time, then this is the way you might
move to get about it, to understand, and recognize more.
which says I must get about my business. The mind that says I have ten things on the
checklist, and I need to get about it.

Are there people who have strong limitations and are unable to make a choice to progress? In other words, are there those who are unwilling to own their limitations and have the inability to progress in a positive framework?

We would say that as each does have choices, sometimes the preference is to align with lesser energy. To move in a way that does not align to higher aspirations but rather to elicit a lesser energetic posture. From this stance, there is a minimization of what might spring forward in a more aligned and, perhaps to say, enlightened way. And so from this vantage, there is not the full scope or view of the vista. There is a minimization of all that is. As things become compartmentalized and internalized so that there is a less than component that enters into the equation.

And so do release the push/pull here as so much can be when there is not the definition as such — when there is not the need to judge the occurrence or the one who does appear to proceed from a less than stance. ‘Less than’ for that is all that they know or believe that they can be. It is a restrictive characteristic that is mimicking the true nature of what is.

Send Love instead of judgment. Send Love instead of loathing. Send Love instead of any other thing you might seek to employ. And know that there is always hope abreast when you hold the concept for all that might be this day and each thing that moves forward from here.