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Be G.

I was able to see one of the most horrific experiences of this existence as a gift to my soul. A trauma that weighed on my mind for decades was seen as a lesson, a gift of empathy, because from that experience I began a very empathic journey…

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Jon A.

The messages here are timeless.The teachings and exercises for applying them are unique. Grounded in universal spiritual principles, the Elders offer guidance for creating a personal pathway to reclaim your life purpose and create the change you want to make in your life. 

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Robyn G. Locke bridges the physical with the nonphysical world to bring you purpose-driven, self-healing, self-help insights. She is an energy intuitive, transformation facilitator, international speaker, published author, and spiritual seeker.

Love life and even what appears to be bad. Find the deeper meaning attached to every occurrence encountered. Engage in life’s mystery. .