Universal Love Meditation

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    Universal Love Meditation

    Let us tarry as we begin in a way of Loving measure as we move into Love’s expansive and boundless portal that will always and unceasingly embrace, nurture, heal, and restore. This is how the Elders begin this week’s meditation which focuses on Universal Love.

    Universal Love is a magnificent healing energy. How have you thought of or utilized this energy before? To my line of thinking, Universal Love should be your go-to energy. It can help diffuse turbulent weather conditions making erratic energy less destructive. It can also heal and restore your body. And, it can probably do even more than I recognize right now.

    In this week’s video, the Elders share the definition of Universal Love. This is significant because when you engage Universal Love when utilizing its fuller and more expensive meaning, you can truly implement it into your being and world. This is how you can move Universal Love into this world in a significant way.

    A Story …

    This leads me to share a story from my more recent past. I turned on the nightly news as the weather forecast was being given. The news anchor said these words which I’ll never forget … find a helmet and sleep in your basement (if you have one) tonight

    Wear a helmet? Sleep in the basement. I’d never heard a newscaster suggest having a helmet handy and ready to use. To take these sorts of steps for an approaching storm seemed a bit extreme. But they knew a deadly tornado was headed toward our area. It was a dangerous storm and had already killed people in its destructive path.

    I didn’t intend to sleep in my basement or search for my ski helmet, but around 3 AM, I awoke to what sounded like a freight train outside my window. I usually sleep through almost any noise, but wow, not tonight. This weather disturbance was loud. Its commotion wasn’t what I was accustomed to hearing in those early morning hours. So I immediately knew the anticipated tornado had arrived.

    I picked up my laptop and cell phone, pillow, and blanket and went down to the basement. Since my interior basement walls are out of concrete, I felt relatively safe — so fear hadn’t entered into the equation. I felt unusually calm and at peace, although the gale-force winds still sounded like they were just beyond my interior doors. I guess I could have sat there and been fearful but instead, I wondered what could be done in such a situation. Was there anything I could do individually?

    Move Universal Love into Play

    So, I took a deep breath and did the only thing I could think to do … I held up my hands to send out Universal Love. I focused intently on my hands all the while and felt the energy coming from them. I kept this up for about ten minutes when suddenly I felt that energy rev up. The Elders had joined in ramping up my energy. They had revved it up and energetically expanded what I’d been doing.

    We did this transmission of energy together for a while … maybe for twenty minutes? I’m not really sure how long we did this, but I could feel the difference in my hands as they pulsated with their energy. I stayed like that until I felt the energy (in my hands) lessen in intensity. 

    The weather at that point didn’t seem quite as extreme as it had, although it still sounded quite loud and unyielding at that time. I remained in the basement for a time and then went back to bed.

    I think my home must have been in its direct path. I remember feeling grateful that nothing significant had happened. No downed trees in my backyard or flying projectiles into my home. Later that day, a long-time, local Cherokee County resident stopped by. This weather had also passed through where he and his family live. He couldn’t believe how loud it had been but was unable to locate anyone who had sustained damage to their property. Nor did he find or hear of anyone being injured locally.

    At the end of the week, he returned to share a bit more. He had checked and couldn’t find anyone who had sustained any sort of damage. No damage and no injuries. Even when watching a nightly news report, they had no negative details to share from our area. I know that’s not a conclusive investigation but suggests a solution to engage when in the midst of a perilous weather situation.

    Universal Love is a significant tool. A tool you can use in probably more ways than either of us currently recognizes. It is a unique energetic tool whose Loving energy offers each a solution to restore and make whole.

    And again, in this meditation, the Elders provide the definition of Universal Love. In this way, you can incorporate the deeper meaning of utilizing this energy. Move this meditation into action … to further embrace and enhance this Loving energy. The Elders suggest you call it into action daily. Bring Universal Love into your life by tapping into Its accelerated frequency.

    Enter into Universal Love’s vibrational frequency as you consciously call it into play. This energy will buoy up everything in its vibrational path including you. Feel the full efficacy of this expansive Love. The Love the Elders Lovingly share now in this week’s meditation.

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