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Universal Love – the Transcendent Love that Allows More to Be

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    Universal Love Meditation

    Move Universal Love into this world in a global way. It is that transcendent Love that allows more to be a part of your life. It is so much more than most may realize. I know there’s so much more to this equation. The Elders are from the energy of Love and who better to share such insights?

    Universal Love is that anchoring energy that allows more to be. It will allow more to be a part of your life as you enable so much more by moving it out into this world by your intention and intent to do so. As it touches others around the globe, know that it is the means to self-heal and balance misaligned energy. When you intentionally move this energy back into this world of form, it will move out and touch all it comes into contact with. It will touch each thing as it moves out before returning back to you.

    Heal and Restore

    Universal Love is a means of restoration. It is an elixir of unbounded means of healing, possibility, and purpose. I’ve put it into action when experiencing a violent storm. I’ve used it as an elixir to heal misaligned aspects within my body. I’ve sent it out into the world to add a different energy into the mix of what’s been circulating today. Universal Love has the means to not only heal, restore, and renew, but I believe it can actually do more than we’re aware of right now.

    In today’s update, the Elders share a bit more about Universal Love. They share how Universal Love is the fuller measure from which all does ascend and subscribe.

    Universal Love is the Fuller Measure from which all does Ascend and Subscribe

    Do you wonder what that means? It is the fuller means to energetically or vibrationally raise or buoy all within its path. Then each thing it touches becomes a bit more than it was before. Using this new understanding, might you add Universal Love into the mix of your day by incorporating a renewed understanding? Add it to almost anything and everything. Doing so, you will see things differently. Move it into play in a big way.

    Look at it as this transcendent love as the means to self-heal.

    See Universal Love as a Portal or Gateway

    Here the Elders share how this Love is the portal or pathway to more. They share how it might be used as the gateway to your heart center. Wow. I love that.

    So as you engage now, or in the future, add this Love. Do so by first envisioning a portal to your heart center. See it as the entry point as you focus on your heart space. See Universal Love as a portal or gateway when looking to connect to the heart center. The Elders suggest envisioning this portal or gateway using a single, beautiful rose.

    Place this rose over your heart. See the petals peel back to expose the center of this lovely rose. Use the center of the rose to access the entrance to your own heart space. Enter there. In doing so, move Universal Love into your heart space.

    Universal Love is that pathway and portal to more. But first, envision it as a portal or pathway to your heart center. Focus on the heart center and see it as a gateway to allow Universal Love to access that space. As you see this lovely rose superimposed over your heart center, use it as a means of entrance to that sacred space.

    Begin today, and each day, by connecting to your heart space. Use this as the means or gateway to now engage with the heart space. I believe there is more to the equation, but we are to start here before they add more. Envision this now. In doing so, we bring Universal Love into play inwardly.

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