The What If Experience

Create All You Desire


Please join us for our next What If adventure. In this eight-week series, we will address your questions as they relate to your purpose, health & healing, and all that fits in-between. Begin your own personal quest of discovery as you locate insights and teachings found within our three-book offering.

We seek to provide intrinsic answers to the many questions found within life. Seek to elicit a more consciously engaged -- renewed next step. Enact those things that will make this a more purpose-driven life ... as you seek to release any unnecessary heavy-laden alternatives.

Look at disease and illness differently as you shift your perspective accordingly. You see, their reason for being is to shift-change your next contemplated step. Value each one taken. Recognize the significance of even the smallest of choices. They are the seeds planted, which, when nourished, will grow and flourish over time. 

Now locate one of our books here, available on Amazon, then get ready to engage as you seek more. Ask questions and get meaningful solutions that are all about you.

Do you see when you engage life from a more mystical and perhaps even magical stance, how more can flow in and to you? We look forward to sharing more. Reserve your space, connect, or ask questions via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let's make this journey life-changing!

The What If Experience Discovery & Book Discussion Series

Sundays, February 14 - April 4, 2021

Connect via Zoom

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 The What If Experience — Create All You Desire

July 28, 2020

Online Via Zoom

The What If Experience - Create All You Desire

Date: August 18, 2020

Connect via Zoom

The What If Workshop - The Althea Center

April 23, 2020


The Althea Center
Denver, CO

The What If Workshop - Create All You Desire

January 18, 2020

Winston-Salem, NC

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