Advanced Energetics - Discover the Elders - Find Your Purpose


Advanced Energetics - Discover the Elders - Find Your Purpose

Discover Your Soul’s Purpose – Awaken to Your Reason for Being Eric Dyer There is much depth and consideration folded within each chapter…ready for you to unwrap. There is much depth and consideration folded within each chapter…ready for you to unwrap. Prudence Kalloo I recommend the read and encourage the exercises in this book to […]

How to Make this the Last Incarnation #5

last incarnation

Have you been following our posts on how to make this the last incarnation? This is the fifth installment, and it shares an important consideration. You see, the Elders, beings of pure consciousness and infinite awareness, share these insights. Their insights are unmistakably compelling and the means for you to move in a purposeful way. […]

An Unscripted Road Trip

Unscripted road trip

Have you ever considered living an unscripted life? Have you ever pondered living life in a way that isn’t as the mind suggests? Have you ever wondered and then connected to your heart space to begin a new adventure? And what about your purpose? Is it time to consider this life differently? I’ve just returned from a 6-week unscripted road trip. And I’ve got a lot to share. 

What’s the Value of a Story?

Is there value in the story?

So what is the value of a story? Do you wonder about a bad occurrence and want to vividly communicate that story to your friends and colleagues? Do you want to get a reaction from what it produced? And once you have that oh-so-important realization that the story allowed you to recognize, do you let the story go, or do you continue in the retelling of it? You see, ego wants to be the greatest sufferer. Ego wants to be stroked, nurtured, and coddled. It wants to be the one who is seen as the victim and to hear from others how bad these things were. But were they really? So I’ll ask again. What’s the real value of a story? Do you know?

The #1 Definitive Guide to Self-Healing and Transformative Change

Discover Your Purpose Speaker and guide to self-healing author Robyn G. Locke

I want to share a brief story but first, I’m happy to announce that Awaken will soon be released as an audiobook! Yes, you’ll soon be able to listen to Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change! I’m anticipating its release in April 2023! It’s so exciting that I couldn’t keep this news to myself any longer. Find its meditations and easy-to-follow steps as you delve into this audiobook’s deeper messages. It’s been a big process and one that I hadn’t fully anticipated. Yet I’m so grateful that it is finally out of my hands and going through the final review process.

Excalibur and Universal Love

What does excalibur mean to you?

In April 2022, I was given an insight into Universal Love that I didn’t understand. I questioned if I’d gotten the words right, or had heard their insight correctly. It’s been almost a year now, and while cleaning up some errant computer files, I came across something I’d titled, “Not Sure About This One”. I remembered questioning some of the wording I’d received in this Universal Love update.

Do you have Hidden Addictions?

Promo with testimonial to release hidden addictions and self-healing

Last year, I received an update that until now I wasn’t up to sharing. It’s the video you’re about to see. It’s about addiction and how many addictive cravings occur. What I know is that many times, addictions result from an outside source. This source wants to feel an energy they cannot create alone. This […]

FAQ – Wisdom of the Elders

Advanced Energetics - Discover the Elders - Find Your Purpose

WISDOM OF the Elders Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Can your purpose be enacted sooner than it seems possible to do right now? It’s all up to you how quickly it will manifest. Is it a priority to do so in your life? Then it will be made manifest more quickly than were it not. Would […]

Negativisms – Let Go of Them

Negativisms & Negative What Ifs

Do you recognize and pay attention to the thoughts that run routinely through your mind’s eye? Are they positive or negative thoughts? Have you wanted to know how to stop the flow of that negative loop of thinking? Negativisms seemingly exist when you are not paying attention to what your thoughts suggest. These are all big questions and are the purpose of this blog post. 

Find Your Original Purpose

Robyn G. Locke - Author at Finding your Purpose Workshop at Lesvos, Greece

If you’re like me, you’ve considered your purpose for a while. Are you wondering now, how do I discover my original purpose? Or maybe what is the real purpose of this life, or perhaps how do I find my life path? It very much started that way for me.