Q & A as Given by the Elders

Q. Are there people who have strong limitations and unable to make a choice to progress? In other words, are there those who are unwilling to own their limitations and have an inability to progress in a positive framework? -JL

A. We would say that as each does have choices, sometimes the preference is to align with lesser energy. To move in a way that does not align to higher aspirations but rather to elicit a lesser energetic posture. From this stance, there is a minimization of what might spring forward in a more aligned and, perhaps to say, enlightened way. And so from this vantage, there is not the full scope or view of vista. There is a minimization of all that is. As things become compartmentalized and internalized so that there is a 'less than' component that enters into the equation.

And so do release the push/pull here as so much can be when there is not the definition as such -- when there is not the need to judge the occurrence or the one who does appear to proceed from a 'less than' stance. 'Less than' for that is all that they know or believe that they can be. It is a restrictive characteristic that is mimicking the true nature of what is.

Send Love instead of judgment. Send Love instead of loathing. Send Love instead of any other thing you might seek to employ. And know that there is always hope abreast when you hold the concept for all that might be this day and each thing that moves forward from here.

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