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This New Year & Fearless Podcast

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    2023 New Year Resolution

    I always look forward to New Year’s activities. The many resolutions that result and the clean slate each new year suggest. As you look at your own objectives, do you add lifestyle choices, career goals, or even personal transformative objectives to your list? And if personal transformation steps aren’t on your list, do you understand the value of incorporating them into your shortlist? If you start by getting to the core issues that define you and move from there, do you see how everything else moves up with you? So if you buoy up this one thing, then the others are buoyed up too.

    If you were to simply focus on the monetary component in play in the world today, then you have lost sight of the bigger, more vast objective. The objective once conceived by your Soul. You can’t take any of the physical things you acquire with you. In the end, it’s all about your interactions with others. Service will always yield more benefits than you might currently believe. We’ve become so focused on what we can see that we’ve lost sight of those intangible ones.

    Our First Post, New Year 2018

    So our first blog post was published on January 2, 2018. It was short, simple, and to the point. Now as we move into 2023, and if you’ve been following us for a while, have you already put into play some of the steps the Elders have outlined? Have you experienced transformative change within your own life? Please share what you’ve found. What have these insights allowed you to realize within your own life?

    It may have simply started by shifting a perspective or two – to begin viewing life differently. And then before you know it, bigger shifts occur. Does looking back feel like only yesterday? Time moves so quickly these days. It seems like only yesterday when much of this started coming into view.

    Now as we enter this new year, and our first event in 2023 will soon be upon us, it seems like so much more is on the precipice of being. It’s so exciting. We hope you plan to join us to see the transformative shifts in store for you.

    If you’re new to these blog posts, is it time for a change in your perspective too? For example, is it time for you to recognize that prioritizing your personal objectives, dreams, and ambitions isn’t selfish but is necessary? When you don’t put yourself or your priorities first, many other things may not fall into their proper place.

    The Elders have shared how you must first begin with self and administered with love. Treat yourself with consideration and compassion. Such objectives include self-love, care, and the nurturing you would offer to another. Compassion is such a unique word with different understandings. Compassion allows for more to be. In this understanding, release judgments and relinquish self-criticisms too. And now to the Podcast.

    Fearless Generation Podcast

    I appeared as a guest on this Fearless Podcast which aired on January 2nd. In this broadcast, Kelly and Terry (the hosts) delve into components within the 12 steps to freedom. This week’s edition focused on Step 4: Compassion. This fearless mother-daughter duo asked how we each define compassion. What it means to us individually.

    What does compassion and especially self-compassion mean to you? How do you view compassion toward yourself or toward another? They suggest that you might start by offering yourself the same level of compassion as you would to another. Offer it equally to all parties. Do you give yourself the same level of compassion that you would offer to a stranger? It’s worth pondering upon this premise to discover what you truly believe.

    We are all on a journey of self-discovery. All looking to connect the dots in so many ways. Look to discover what your Soul wanted and still wants to understand. It’s the reason you are here…

    Now listen to your Soul’s objective as you consider more.

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