Release Self-Limiting Beliefs

Release self-limiting beliefs

Consider now to release self-limiting beliefs so that greater truths might become known by you. So how might you do that? Let us begin in this way. Do you embrace something new when you recognize it as being freshly or newly conceived?

Beliefs and Their Energetic Strings

What is belief and why should you believe in anything? Do you recognize when you have established a belief, you are energetically tied to that which you believe? Do you understand why this is important or why you might consider this concept now?


Advanced Energetics - Discover the Elders - Find Your Purpose

Awaken is the definitive guide to bring transformation and change into your being and world.


Advanced Energetics - Discover the Elders - Find Your Purpose

Experience for Yourself Discover the Elders,   and their insights directly      Suggest a location for our next event Luna R. Sedona Robyn has a gift for giving voice and LIFE to spaces where there is ignorance or darkness. She holds heartfelt and pertinent medicine for folks who need an energy boost and to get […]

Positive Thinking is Key

Positive Thinking

Each day is a building block for the next. Do you realize that positive thinking will change your life? Make it your goal to surpass yesterday’s accomplishments by connecting with positive thoughts today. Build even greater momentum to achieve just a little more from your day in this way.

Redirect Negative Thoughts

All is Possible

Have you wondered about the thoughts you think? Are they positive and uplifting or judgemental and unkind? Redirect negative thoughts to something that makes you feel good. Does that seem too simple to be true. Is it really that easy to shift from the negative banter such thinking suggests?

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? | 6 Keys to True Identity

Discover your true identity - Who Am I & Why Am I Here?

Do you recognize your true identity or simply wonder, Who am I and why am I here? Do you know who you really are or why you are here? Recognize you are not merely the body form you see in the mirror each day. Recognize you are so much more than your physical being. That’s what the Elders share in today’s update.

Awaken from Mind Games – Connect

We will say that connection is a monumental thing. And so, how does this or that means of connecting you (to what is) exist? How does it move you to find the next best thing, and how might you move in a way of significance or continual motion? How might you reach that ultimate destination, arriving where you truly seek to go?

Seek Clarity, Connect the Dots

Seek clarity when not seeing clearly. When you don’t know which way to go or what to do, we suggest you pause and connect the dots. This is important to consider and understand. You see, life will not always present itself to you as you might prefer. You will find that each occurrence in your life serves a purpose. And so, in pausing and redirecting your steps accordingly, you will see more clearly what you need to see. Seek clarity now.

You Are Not Your Thoughts

Do you recognize that you are not your thoughts? Life can be a struggle if you believe this to be so. Choose less association with the bantering found in the mind. In such mental communications, solace is not routinely found. You must someday recognize this mental chatter does little good. These thoughts are not you, nor do they define or serve you. Oftentimes, you will hear unyielding criticism and negative undertones when you listen in. These rantings are typically judgmental in nature and not uplifting. So what can you do?