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Who Am I? Why Am I Here? | 6 Keys to True Identity

Discover your true identity - Who Am I & Why Am I Here?

Do you recognize your true identity or simply wonder, Who am I and why am I here? Do you know who you really are or why you are here? Recognize you are not merely the body form you see in the mirror each day. Recognize you are so much more than your physical being. That’s what the Elders share in today’s update.

The Original Purpose Explained – Why Am I here?

Why Am I Here?

Have you wondered about your purpose? And specifically, have you wondered about having an original purpose? And maybe even what the difference is between having a life purpose and an original one? This is the thing that caused your Spiritual Essence to want to incarnate here. Quite frankly it’s why you are here.

3-Minute Backstory – Why You Are Here

Why the Backstory Matters

Have you wondered why you are here? Have you wanted to know the backstory and premise of your purpose? Your purpose is, quite simply, why you came here. But why are you still here? The Elders share a short, 3-minute accounting of just that. It’s the backstory to your purpose-driven premise. Might you read on?

Find Yourself and Why You’re Here

Who Am I?

Is it time to know yourself a bit better? Is it time to find yourself in a big-picture sort of way? That’s a big objective for me as I’m all about inner discovery. Learning why you’re here and understanding more in this regard is a big deal. Do you wonder, too, how bad occurrences could be a gift? These once seemingly bad things await you unwrapping them. Sometimes they are a great way to redirect you in some form or fashion. Know that their gift awaits your recognition. So I’ll say again, is it time to find yourself and discover why you’re here?

Why Recognition is Important and the 1st Step

Why recognition is important with Robyn G. Locke on card

Do you wonder about recognition and why it’s so important? Do you wonder why it matters in such a big-picture sort of way? Here we’ve suggested that hidden addictions are what you might choose now to recognize and why these little or big things need to be recognized in this way.

Why Seek More

Always Seek More

Do you wonder why you are to seek more? do you know why the Elders recommend always seeking in this way? You see, Universe awaits knowing your wants and desires. Make them known. This is how you enlist more to be given and for those things to appear in your life.

Why Is Change so Difficult

Why is change so difficult to enact?

Do you see in life that change is often so hard to enact? It’s so hard to move into cue. Why is that? Why is there difficulty in moving away from one that does not offer you what you want … where you exist in an unwanted way? Why is that so seemingly difficult to move away from this and toward that? Do you wonder? Would you like to know now?

Why Pain, What’s its Purpose

Have you wondered as to the purpose of pain? Or why you feel depressed or out of sorts? Maybe you’ve searched to find healing methods or alternative modalities that will restore your life to a state of wholeness? Sometimes you succeed yet at other times, you fall victim to illness and disease. Each resulting consequence takes you either closer to a carefree existence or to an existence complicated by pain and its maladies. Searching out solutions to new aches and pains often produces detours within an otherwise structured life.

The Greater Purpose Audiobook

The Greater Purpose

Do you wonder about your purpose and how our purpose books might assist you? Now The Greater Purpose, which is a three-book compilation, is an audiobook. The featured excerpt here talks about planting seeds to grow your future. Do you plant seeds for future growth? Have you wondered about the value of doing so?