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Eric Dyer

There is much depth and consideration folded within each chapter…ready for you to unwrap.

Prudence Kalloo

I recommend the read and encourage the exercises in this book to help.

J. Sink

This is a great guide to awakening the power within and creating ease in your life as you clear old patterns and call in new ones!

Ed Kuhlenkamp

... If you are committed to living a better life this is the book for you ...

Be Gladhill

... It is timeless, a keeper, and a go-to for new insights and perspectives every time!

Christy Flores

... They teach us that we are so much more than what we think we are ...


... Full of healing vibrations and ways to turn your life around. Read it often for it allows for new insights each time.

Britney G.

... It's brilliant ...

Jon A.

The messages here are timeless ...

Jones Leeh

... I recommend the guide to any reader looking to learn from the Elders and elevate their life.

Rosie L.

This is a thought-provoking and very informative book ...

Essential Books on Finding Your Purpose and Transformative Change

Discover Our Books

Now awaken to your reason for being here in this Earth space. Some know this to be their Soul’s purpose, the original purpose, or that greater purpose. Our books on finding your purpose reintroduce what was once known. In this way, new perspectives can become visible.

Gifted speaker, transformation facilitator, and energy intuitive Robyn G. Locke bridges the physical to the non-physical world. She conveys insights given by the Elders. These are Beings of Pure Consciousness and Infinite Awareness who come from the Energy of Love.

Their vast and 360-degree view encompasses what was once known but lost in time.  Now these understandings have surfaced once again. Given in unconditional Love, the Elders share the best means for your own awakening. They highlight Universal Love and its many healing properties.

Their non-judgmental and unique authority suggests how you might awaken and become all your Soul once intended to understand within this physical space. Whether that means becoming more self-aware or reconnecting to the spiritual objectives of your Soul, understand that all is possible. A bright and promising future awaits each who align with their Soul’s objective. Lay claim to your unseen gifts as you unearth the ultimate buried treasure. Discover now the true means of inner transformation.

Are you on the path to seeking your original purpose or attaining inner fulfillment? Are you routinely and intentionally seeking more? If you’re ready for small changes with big rewards, look no further.

The Greater Purpose – Awaken to Your Reason for Being

The Greater Purpose is the definitive guide to finding your purpose. This book is made up of the Purpose Trilogy book series. Within this trilogy, you’ll find The Little Book to Find Your PurposeThe Original Purpose, and Enact Your Purpose.

Each book will guide you to to take on new perspective and connect to inner truths. They will lead you to discover how to recall your original intent for having this physical experience. Awaken to the inspirations of your mission through the many nuances you will find and explore.

Dive into foundational and fundamental understandings as you move past mental constructs and their limitations. Grow a heart-centered awareness as you journey down new pathways that lead to inner fulfillment.

If you seek life-changing perspectives and an unparalleled means to understand Universal Love, The Greater Purpose is your roadmap to success, health, and happiness.

We suggest reading this book in tandem with our self-healing book, Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change.

Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change

Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change is the must-have handbook for seekers desiring to co-create their best life by restoring their body’s health and vitality. It is the best guide to discovering a healthy, happy, and purposeful future. There you will find exercises, relatable stories, meditational offerings, and other insightful approaches to helping you rid yourself of negative energy by overcoming obstacles that lie nestled within.

In Awaken, you will discover how to personally transform your existence to manifest the dreams and desires you are meant to realize in this life. You will learn ways to unravel and remove trapped emotional energy, insights on your purpose, and how to step into this most meaningful pathway of purpose with confidence and ease.

Awaken teaches you techniques to self-heal and create wellness for long-lasting happiness, as well as the ability to access inner fulfillment so you can see world occurrences and this life differently.

Awaken is an extraordinary resource. It will accelerate the process of true inner awareness, restorative healing, and personal transformation.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of Universal Love’s vast capabilities and unparalleled abilities, get ready for the soul-stirring results you’ll discover.

Get your copy of Awaken as you transform your life and bring more into being than your mind might currently fathom.  About the author, Robyn G. Locke and the Elders.