The What If Book of What Is

Heal, Restore, Renew


Have you ever believed your choices were too limited, or your thoughts didn’t really matter? Do unwanted things seemingly happen as you struggle to stay afloat? Discover how to consciously draw in those things you want instead. Release undesired energy, which might otherwise grow into an illness or disease. Find the gift in adversity as you:

  • Take your life back in a more purposeful way while enlisting steps to heal and restore
  • Reset your subconscious to Universe's original design
  • Consciously recognize options you didn’t see before
  • Learn why meditation is needed, how to do it while maximizing what it offers
  • Gain insights to enlist new perspectives
  • Welcome change while embracing its meaningful course corrections
  • Seek to discover more ...

Our intent is to communicate healing modalities to and through Robyn who vibrationally connects to us. Together we bring forward new, yet, not truly new teachings — those lost in time.

the Elders

The inspirational writings found within these pages were given to Robyn by the Elders. They can be described as Pure Consciousness and Infinite Awareness. Their powerful insights suggest some refreshingly simple methods to employ. Robyn, a gifted communicator, spiritual seeker, and energy intuitive. She bridges the physical with the non-physical world to bring their words into form.

Now imagine a future where limitations are removed while putting purpose-driven direction into play. Unbounded opportunities await as you consciously co-create each undertaking sought as you align anew to heal, restore, renew.

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Top Reviews from the United States

  • Timeless and Unique

    Jon A

    The messages here are timeless. The teachings are exercises for applying them are unique. Grounded in universal spiritual principles, the Elders offer guidance for creating a personal pathway to reclaim your life purpose and create the change you want to make in your life.

    Jon Martin Anastasio
    Author of Reclaiming Your Sacred Path

  • My Days Are Different

    Britney G

    I am enacting steps outlined in the What If Book of What Is. One of those steps recommends that I begin each day from my heart center. So that’s what I’m doing. And my days are different. I’ve noticed a physical difference in my energy, in how I feel, and how I approach each thing. It’s brilliant. I wish I'd been doing this all along. What I’ve recently experienced has caused me to realize how much I need this. I’m also working toward being more accepting of a different timeline. To no longer need for things to be progressing so quickly. Realizing that sometimes those quick fixes don’t help me in the long run. I’m not a person who likes things to take their time. I want it all and I want it all right now! So this is a bit of adjustment. But it’s a good adjustment that I know I can now do.

  • I love this book!


    The wisdom and processes offered by the Elders are awesome and truly help to make the shift toward enlightenment and alignment with the higher self. It is timeless, a keeper, and a go-to for new insights and perspectives every time!

  • Wonderful Gift

    Amazon Customer

    This book is a wonderful gift from Robyn and the Elders. They teach us that we are so much more than what we think we are. This book provides exercises that help us to develop our abilities to connect and amplify our awareness to the small, still voice. We can powerfully attract and manifest our heart’s desires when we choose first to understand we are already whole and complete. They’ve taught us many universal truths: one of which is to be grateful in all things. Even unwanted experiences are gifts that help us correct our course of action and redirect us to our chosen path. I am thankful for all the teachings this book has offered. It has helped me get beyond my daily challenges and has given me multiple tools that are simple yet powerful.

  • Thought-Provoking


    This is a thought-provoking and very informative book. A separate workbook instead of activities in the chapter would have worked better for my learning style.

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