What Is Your Self Talk


It is true. Life is as you desire it to be from beliefs held. Foreign dictators who remain in power for an extended amount of time become emboldened. This is also true for those who work in a business. Those who promote themselves over their employees’ lives, seeking their own personal aggrandizement — are a preferred colleague? They became empowered by doing more to promote their own individual ego than looking outside of themselves to recognize the greater good they might otherwise provide to another. So what is your self-talk?

They believe in their own self-talk and perhaps others are inconsequential in their dynamic. And some of these power players, if not most, are trapped by their ego. In such a scenario, what happens to others is of little consequence to them.

It is difficult to say exactly what passes through their mind’s eye, but we do believe their self-talk does fuel their inner dialog. And so, do know that theirs is a talk that does empower their individual activities. Theirs is a dialog where they see the one and not the whole. They do not understand how all are connected. In fact, they see no connection with others, only how they might be personally elevated.

So they want what they want because they must have more to feel validation. Money is an interesting component found within this dynamic. It is often the motivating factor when personal satisfaction and ego are involved. Money provides an egoic component. This self-worth factor is needed to buoy up and satisfy ego.

What Does This Produce

Money, greed, egoic self-love are a mighty mix. For some, self-love is only possible through the benefits money affords. Thus, enabling a moment of peace to exist as the mind and ego are momentarily quiet. Peace comes from a rampant self dialog that is most pressing and self-judging. The vibrational equivalent here is neediness. There is a temporary and momentary pause experienced when a monetary or another self-gratifying measure is realized. It is a brief break from an incessant badgering. 

Their mind is in a state that cannot be fully described. They do not see the oneness that exists in all things. They do not pause to consider what their actions might cause another to feel. Only that this expression is a means to an end. It boosts and promotes externally what has been minimized and reduced inwardly.

So they need an outer expression, monetary gain or the like to gratify ego as opposed to activating something of greater value within. As they seek recognition through external means, might you seek to connect and engage from your heart center? Become validated from within.