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Discover Your Purpose

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Activate and discover your best life when you become purpose-driven. Discover your purpose and don’t let life pass you by or allow limitations to hold you back. Live a more conscious life. Employ present-moment awareness as you engage insights of the Elders.

  • Are you ready for positive change? 
  • Get the most from this life when you clear a pathway to do so
  • Remove Hidden Addictions
  • Self-Heal
  • Find Your Purpose
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Inner Growth

The Original Purpose

Discover your purpose and why you chose to come into embodiment. You made a choice to do so. It’s why you are living this life today. You are more than you may believe and definitely more than you can see. Much has been lost over time.

Your purpose isn’t a thing – it’s energy. You chose to understand an energy more deeply, more fully. It’s why you are here.

What Our Clients Experience

Lauren H.

The messages from the Elders provide me with clarity on ideas I haven’t seen presently in this way elsewhere. What I hear from them helps me ‘remember’ the bigger purpose of my time here in life now and of the simplicity for me to live my most true and highest path. I’ve loved every single interaction and am so excited to listen to more from Robyn Locke and the Elders…Robyn’s sweet laughs always warm, not just my heart, but my entire energy state. Thank you Robyn for what you do! The books and groups are a gift for us all at this time, or anytime!!!

Al M.

I would have approached this all wrong if I hadn't talked to Robyn first. She understood what I was trying to achieve. She showed me how to be aware of what makes me happy and design a plan each day to achieve that.I'm much calmer now. My life with my new wife is very happy. My ex-wife, 2 daughters, grandchildren, and my new family all get along just fine!

Be G.

Consultations with Robyn helped me see through some of my darkest times, in both present moments and reflecting on traumas of the past. In reflecting on one of the most horrific experiences of this existence, I was able to see it as a gift to my soul. A trauma that weighed on my mind for decades was seen as lesson, a gift of empathy, because from that experience I began a very empathic journey. I believe very deeply that we are not humans that have spiritual experiences but spiritual beings having a human experience. All conversations with Robyn reflect this perspective and allow me to see the ups and downs of life from the perspective of my soul. She will teach you how to laugh at the shenanigans of the ego, to out wit the wit, and move forward with a wistful and light perspective at the thoughts that used to trap you. I often refer to Robyn as my spiritual advisor, but it truly is a watered down term for something that just can't be named. She is a lighthouse to enlightenment and a connection to something far more wise and deep than ourselves. for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

A Note To Meeting Planners

You’re probably wondering how our find your purpose speaking engagements will be beneficial to your organization and its objectives.

We focus on the energy in the room and help your discover your purpose. All is energetic in nature and so is the energetic impact of all we teach and who we reach.  Listen and watch speaker Robyn G. Locke here.

If you are ready to offer something new. If you want to rev things up. If you want your workforce, key executives, leadership to have a transformative experience. If you want empowerment for those you serve. If you want the means to motivate as never before, then let’s put the means into motion today!

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Discover Your Purpose Speaker and guide to self-healing author Robyn G. Locke

About Robyn

Author and Speaker Robyn G. Locke bridges the physical with the non-physical world to bring you their purpose-driven, self-healing self-help books. She is a transformation facilitator, international speaker, energy intuitive, and spiritual seeker. Love life and even what appears to be bad. Discover the deeper meaning attached to each thing encountered along the way. Engage in life’s mystery.

I’m all about the whimsy and wonderment of life and getting to the core of what this embodiment can mean. I teach on taking that deep dive into your passions and objectives.  Live your best life when you discover your purpose. What makes each move with more purpose. I care about this objective deeply. I seek to  restore purpose and purposeful objectives into the mix and  forefront of consideration. It’s why I’m here.

Her inspirational writings are given by the Elders. They provide invaluable insights and suggest refreshingly simple steps to engage. Imagine your future when mental constructs are removed and replaced with purposeful direction. Unbounded opportunities await as you consciously co-create all you desire to manifest.

  • Hidden Addictions
  • Self-Heal
  • Purpose
  • Tips to Become Consciously Aware
  • Shift Perspectives