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Meet Robyn G. Locke

In discovering the Elders,
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the Elders

Think upon Us as a Consciousness of Light and Love.


Love life and even what appears to be bad. Discover the deeper meaning attached to each thing encountered along the way.

Robyn G Locke

Speaker and Author Robyn G. Locke

Meet Robyn Locke.  Robyn bridges the physical with the nonphysical world to bring you their purpose-driven, self-healing self-help books. She is a transformation facilitator, international speaker, energy intuitive, and spiritual seeker. 

In 2006, Robyn had a near-death experience. While in intensive care, she heard a question posed as she struggled to awaken. Robyn was asked if she wanted to live. It was a male voice she heard then; Robyn was alone.

Robyn allowed herself 24 hours to consider this question. She was being offered a choice to recover or make her transition. It was a decision she had to ponder as she knew her recovery would be a lengthy one. Her vital signs were quite low. Family members had already been called in. Yet she’s here today, so you must realize the decision that was made then.

Our intent is to communicate healing modalities to and through Robyn. She has a passion and love that is strong. Robyn vibrationally connects to us. She acts as our means to bring forward new … yet not truly new teachings into this world of form. We do hope to utilize many other methods to communicate and share such insights.

Multiple books have been given and workshops enacted. In time, she will be a hands-on facilitator to instruct many on healing practices, recounting the many modalities which do exist. Much is being revealed, and all will be released in time — at the right time for more to be.

Know all is energy, vibration, frequency. Engage now with new understandings to enact positive change within your life. 

~the Elders

The Beings communicating here are of Love and Light. They are Pure Consciousness and Infinite Awareness and are known as the Elders. The impact of their words and the resulting changes (within my life) are significant. I’m grateful for them and seek to share their many insights with you.

They wish to remind us of the healing modalities available within. Begin on your own personal journey today. Look to access the many untapped tools available to you as you rediscover that which was previously known but lost in time.

My first website, All Is Up 2, was created in June 2012.

the Elders

Think upon Us as a Consciousness of Light and Love. Think upon Us as ever-moving light that does fluctuate and form words within the in-breath and out-breath of a beat or measure. Think upon Us as Love, in Love with all that is.

We are Beings that wish for humanity to have answers that have eluded them in recent times. There are those who have shared such information, but it is also being released in this manner, in this time, so there might be a knowingness as one engages with life here.

We are Pure Consciousness, We are many, and We provide insights for humanity so that more might be gleaned in this lifetime than without such knowledge.

We are Love, but all are that which is.

Q & A as Given by the Elders

They mentioned deep breathing and to connect with the energy of the heart. I’ve tried this, and it doesn’t seem to work for me. I have challenges in getting beyond the thinking mind. What might be successful that would get my mind or ego to no longer rule the roost?

We would say that it is a manner of training for there have been teenagers without a curfew. And so when you recognize that there is never the preference to not control when one is of the calibre of a teenager who looks to see how far they can reach before perhaps their hand is slapped.


And so, recognize that as you take baby steps and as you move in the awareness of recognizing that you want to gain control over the vessel, and we would say the mental vessel, that you do so from a posture of Love and understanding. That you Love yourself unconditionally and that you remove any shackles or ties that make it feel that you must do thus and such in a more quick fashion.


But that in the loving energy as you then move and engage deep breathing in whatever methodology you prefer. We have described deep-breathing before. It is not necessary to do it this way or that and so we do not give that now. But rather say to move into the practice of looking for different breathing styles that feel appropriate to you. And then as you move into those states, know that it is as the flexing of a muscle. It is the muscle growing and to become more strengthened. That as you move to do these things, these different steps, there will be also a growing ability to do it more fluidly the next time. And it will be less encumbered and more easily gained as you move from this to that in a method that does resonate for you. For each (practice) is specific and unique (to you). And so we would say not only stop upon one but to look at several different options and to play with them.


Engage them and enjoy. And to look upon each without the drudgery of discovery. But to perhaps look upon the joy of knowing this thing that does feel appropriate to you. And as you do this, you will grow the intuitive aspect within you. Then know you are connecting in the right way. You are giving that ability trust.


In this way, you know that each is aligning and buoying you toward more. As you navigate this, know there is nothing specifically so, but rather those that feel best in their use. It is an energetic component that you are searching, and seeking to locate here. Do so in a deeply centered way and always in Love. For more questions and answers, visit our FAQ pages.

Short Clips

Utilize video clips found on the AdvancedEnergetics YouTube Channel to ascertain foundational understandings as you garner additional insights. Become the co-creator of all you desire to manifest in this life.

Significance of Present Moment Awareness

When you remain consciously aware and present in each moment, you will engage with life in the manner intended. In this way you can more readily accomplish all you seek. Understand this component as you move to manifest all you desire to co-create within this life.

Why Your Thoughts are so Important

Where does your focus reside and how do you navigate through the many thoughts that flow to you in a day? Recognize and remain aware of the thoughts you are thinking.

Pause and see what is given (as it is truly given), rather than as is perceived. Release knowingness and allow what is to be, as it is.

My first website, All Is Up 2, was created in June 2012.

Quite often, I would ask to be given insights regarding my purpose. Early one morning, I awoke to hear that I might share what I had learned from my health issues and create a website. I remember arguing that surely a website documenting my recovery was not my spiritual purpose. I recall laughing at myself — here I was finally given some meaningful direction, and rather than embracing it, I’d argued against what was offered. Go figure!

As I moved forward with the website concept, I began researching its premise. I secured a domain name where I documented my health insights and more personal undertakings. I added tips and other things that I’d learned through a trial and error process. My intention was to make someone else’s journey a bit easier to navigate. My doctors had restored my body, and now the rest was up to me.

You see, life is as you see it and what you believe to be possible. So, quite literally, all is up to you.