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The What If Workshop – Create All You Desire


January 18, 2020
Winston-Salem Event

Join us in Winston-Salem on Saturday, January 18, 2020 to meet the Elders and receive their timeless insights. Get your copy of the What If Book of What Is as we dive deep into understandings that have been lost for a time.

This is the perfect time to look within to discover more.

9 AM – Noon


Three-Hour Workshop

Bring an Open Mind – Ask Your Questions

In this three-hour workshop, we will introduce the Elders. Who are the Elders? They are beings of Pure Consciousness and Infinite Awareness. Bring an open mind and ask questions of the Elders!

The Greater Purpose is a series of guiding truths and the definitive means of determining and living that original intent. Awaken to the inspiration of your mission through the many nuances you’ll explore. Delve into foundational and fundamental understandings as you remove mental limitations and their constructs. Now move to ascertain what you sought to know once long ago. Grow heart-centered awareness and intuition as you connect the dots to this formula for inner fulfillment. You’ll see life and all within it differently as your vibration shifts accordingly.

Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change is the must-have handbook for seekers desiring to co-create their best life. Its many exercises, relatable stories, meditational offerings, and other insightful approaches will help you release undesired negative energy and overcome those seemingly ever-present obstacles. Utilize new understandings and their platforms of possibility and promise as you relinquish self-limiting beliefs and discover new vistas.

If you’re interested in obtaining one or both of these books at our event, you can buy them using the link provided below. 

Book Club Series - Advanced Energetics - Discover the Elders - Find Your Purpose
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Advanced Energetics - Discover the Elders - Find Your Purpose