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Amidst the Pandemic: See Better Outcomes

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    Amidst the pandemic, consider better outcomes that before.

    Do you want a better outcome from what this pandemic suggests? Do you wonder what is underfoot today and why these things continue to be? And how do you see this time? Is it met in an oppositional way, or do you move with the flow of all that life seems to be giving to you this day? Even amidst this pandemic, do you see that each thing is as you see it? And when you see each as a gift and opportunity, then do you see more will energetically flow to you in that regard?

    During the Pandemic

    But if instead, you see inconvenience, fearful undertakings, and all in existence today from a more negative posture, then more of that energy will proceed from that. You see, life is as you believe it to be. Even today you can find beauty and solace in each measure that is moving into cue. All moves according to the focus you keep. Focus more upon what you want to have in your immediate proximity rather than focusing on something unwanted. In this way, you draw in those things that are more readily preferred. 

    As you move about this day, there is a more collective understanding that energetically moves out from each thought or action taken. In a manner of speaking, this energy generates successive occurrences. Know there is nothing set in stone at this time. Let us say that current choices will determine your future reality. You see, all is evolving based upon what is put into play from choices made. And when choices vibrate at one level rather than another, then that energy does engage accordingly.

    Buoy Up Your Thoughts

    Hold higher aspirations and thoughts this day to buoy up those around you. You see it’s not only those who are in close proximity who are touched by your energy. All in its pathway are accordingly touched. Your energy has a mighty reach so know that many are impacted by the energy you keep.

    Redirect the mind when it produces thoughts and negativisms. Consider that more can be this day by your focused attention. When you move your attention toward what makes you feel better, all will flow in a more aligned way. A way of moving you out of a negative thought and into one that will produce what you more readily prefer.

    Consider this and look again. Look for guideposts which are all about you.

    Stay Positive

    And so, know that maintaining positive energy is most important. Most important when you bring it into the mix of your daily dealings. Knowing this, seek to stay in a more positive way. Positive thoughts work well to lighten and energize. This does then go out and return to you in a greater way than you might realize. It will touch each thing in its path, that which it aligns with, along the way.

    Align and draw in higher vibrating energy. Restrict what might be seen as less than that. Seek to draw in energy that is aligned in a more positive way as this will fuel more of that energy that returns to you. This will make each successive better (more positive) thought easier to cultivate as you build one upon the other. When you seek this rather than that, your alignment will be easier to maintain. Build and grow your practice in this way.

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