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    Self-accountability with purpose is key

    Do you feel the urgency in this time and seek to engage self-accountability and purpose in the process? Perhaps you hold a degree of complacency and posturing that all will progress beyond what is. Do you see that you are necessary? And it is necessary to take purposeful steps now. In this sense, you are to move forward and share with another what you have found and know to be real from having discerned it to be so. Again, do you seek to engage a degree of self-accountability adding purpose in the process?

    Lost and Found

    It is imperative to share and know that all is not lost. You see, although each has been lost for a time, in this time, there are answers. And they must dig deep within to find out if these words resonate as true to them and these truths will be found to resonate at their innermost core. Finding that resonance there, they are to locate what has been lost in time but now engaged once again to be found. Seek to find what more is to be enacted. More to be enacted as they have feet that are still firmly planted on this earth. They are here and are yet embodied. It is here where they can move to enact and be more. 

    Self-Accountability Is Key

    They then move to enlist self-accountability and to know that in that reliability they have and do make choices. These choices may seem small, but they have a far-reaching, or might we say a more lasting effect. So as they move about in this day, in a more purposeful way, they can then move back to enact those things that do place them into a cue of making choices in the next round of potential incarnation. They then choose from a posture of awareness.

    Postured from a level of awareness they did not hold before. For it is in the recall and “knowing” life at a deeper level. They can then more fully elect what will be in their lifestream’s existence. And in this way, they will move differently than before. They then help others to see what they could not previously see. They help those that are lost in time. Lost in this time. Lost in the Maya which is all about them. 

    And so we want you to know specifically that you can be the difference if the one, or the many move forward to enact what is being given. The awareness must come. Must become known. Must be seen in a way that others can elect, or not, to move now in a more purposeful way.

    There is more underfoot at this time, so do know that each is to consider all-time precious. For as the ocean floor shifts and changes, the footing is also not as firmly placed as before. Know the shifts of this time are as ever-moving sands that do place a fluidity in all that is. And so might you move in a posture of resolution? Move in a manner so that all that might be seen, all that needs to be seen, is seen in this time.

    Embrace life from this vantage of purposeful intention, and you will then give more gratitude for all you are in the mix of. Then in the shifts of this realization, you are inspired to recognize more as you aspire to see what is. 

    Might We Be Your Resource

    You have a resource. You have a means to navigate through this time. Many do not have that same assuredness or the knowingness of what you know. Know there is a wondering, a yearning, and a strong desire from the many to discover more. And so we seek for you to help this message become known. We seek for this understanding to gain traction. It is not simply showing all when becoming an example as are reflected by actions taken, but also by more directly sharing what is. 

    This is a momentous time. Take heed of what is about you so that you can make choices that will positively impact those who are also searching and seeking a better way … an enlightened way. It is in the reconnection to what they have sought to know but are not as connected as they might be to a message. It is this message of hope, of understanding, and of that which they too know to be in existence yet have not found that which they seek. 

    It is this purposeful discovery of the truth and all that is to be.

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