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How Do You See Things, Is It Time for a Course Correction

How do you see things?Focus today on thoughts that uplift, rather than those that remind you of some personal shortcomings or something you didn’t handle as you might now prefer. Step up and recognize much of what seems to be adversity, and perhaps believed to be a misstep, is really not that at all.

As you move to make one choice over another, if it is not the choice that would more readily move you into greater alignment with your purpose or that thing that fuels your Soul, in time, a course correction will present itself. You may choose to embrace the correction or not, as all are choices for you to consider and make. This is your life experience to enjoy as you prefer. So each choice made, oftentimes, allows for course corrections to be experienced as you embrace one perspective over another. Might you engage to make "bigger" decisions when you remove limitations through more restrictive perspectives?

Can you stop and see other opportunities as they present themselves within the mix of your day? Surely they are there, but you must be present to look for them in order to recognize what is given. Remain aware by becoming present in the moment. This is most key. So as you move about to enjoy your activities, know you can always change direction. Are your steps labored or effortless? Ask inwardly for answers so that more may readily be given. Discover what truly inspires you.

Become The Detective

Each step does lead to another and so if there are other choices that will make you happier, look to what is preferred as you sleuth out what awaits your discovery. Be observant and expect something wonderful to arrive. Do you know what you would like to do or what greater thing might await you in your expectation of it? Might you ask? Once you do, be the detective who sleuths out the answers given in response. They are there, but you must recognize their arrival when they appear.

Does Everything Happen in Threes

Do you recognize and await signs given? Do these signs always arrive in threes? And when they come, do you see any or all of them? You wait and know that answers will be provided because you believe this to be true. So do wait and look for the signs such insights provide.

In the same regard, you must deeply believe what you seek to find will be given. Now set the expectation for this direction to be known. Look for all that has been sent. Do so unceasingly with unwavering focus, and know with certainty that signs will appear.

Create a Different Reality

If your chosen profession, volunteerism, romantic life or something else are not as you prefer them to be, might you create a different reality? Ask trusted friends to keep an eye out for you as you tell them of your aspirations, do early morning affirmations, and start becoming more vocal about what you want.

Let Universe know through your actions that something more is desired. Seek through positive posturing, while affirming what you want. Let Universe know through enlisting positive preferences as opposed to negative ones. If you don’t like what is currently occurring in your life, make changes and take action.

Detours Redirect You

What if you’ve yearned for something and have already achieved it? Now that you have it, you realize it’s not what you want. Why is that? You’ve wanted this thing so badly and now that you have it, you don’t feel fulfilled or as happy as you anticipated. You don't feel complete. You didn't get the inner satisfaction you had envisioned. What you imagined didn't come to pass. What is this telling you? Do you see you are being redirected because this isn’t aligning with your deeper desires? And so, you have taken a bit of a detour.

A detour will circle around to bring you back toward what you seek. Do you see this? When you choose a direction that doesn't take you toward your innermost objective, but rather engages you in a side trip, is this a misstep or something else? See these (supposed) missteps as gifts to get you back on course. It is, after all, how you perceive these things to be.

Do not become trapped in the mind. Seek to find that which fuels your Soul. Recognize the signs along the way that provide you with direction. These markers are there and are all about you, but you must see them before they can be beneficial.

Your New Reality

Do not terry on negative components or dwell in the past as they will only slow your progress. Step into what is new and vital by looking through the maya of perception as you step into your new reality. It is there, wanting and waiting for you to become aware of it. As you see, you are already all you seek. And finally, remember to engage your inner-most tools which will allow you to more readily engage.

And so it is.

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