Activate a Different Energy When Life Feels Scary

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    Do you find that life sometimes gives you things you do not understand? And in the waiting and wondering, fear enters? Do you try to rationalize or posture yourself for what may come? All the while not knowing you are a beacon or receiver for the very energy you do not want? When you formulate and fixate on something undesired, you do draw it ever closer to you as you are holding fast and fervently to the energy you do not want as it grips you and tethers you to it.

    What can be done when this is all you seek to do and fixate upon? What can you do to shift this energy out and beyond you when it is all you can think about? Will you clear your mind and draw in that which you more readily prefer? Can you get your mind around something else and move from this to that? You see, it is the clearing of your mind and your ability to move past something undesired that will allow you to accomplish that which you seek. We seek for you to draw in something more desired. 

    Like a Beacon, You Draw Energy To You

    So pause, reflect, and deflect what you have been a beacon for and to. Allow a space from the mental chatter to disconnect the current that is running through you at this moment. For in the pause created, you disconnect from it. Then when you engage again mentally, you can do so evoking a slightly different energy than before. Now do so again. Break the cycle one more time. And continually do this over a period of time, mere minutes. You see, each time when you re-engage you do not have the same high-voltage energy previously engaged. As you have allowed for a pause to enter in. And in that pause, different energy could then move through you. In this way, you break the cycle. You break up what did easily flow through you before.

    Do you see, that in doing so, you have allowed a measure of comfort and peace to be known and felt? A degree of comfort and peace to enter in. It is as if you passed through a significant storm and came out the other side unscathed and unaffected. Do you see that all of life operates this way? When you can detach from this thing of fear, you can focus on something you do desire. Then you can move away from something that is even a bit scary at times.

    Infuse Universal Love

    Seek always to fill the space you have provided by your pause with Love, Universal Love. For when you pause and insert Love in this way, you do so from the measure of one who seeks a betterment not only for self but for all those with whom you reside on this planet. Then you move in a manner that does incrementally allow more to be in existence. For now, you can move in a way that is not only for oneself but is also self-less. Seek these moments so that your inner reflection is one that is anchored in Love. You see, Love can cure and heal all. In this way, you replace fear with the all-healing energy of Love.

    Can you recognize too that when you mix Love into the energy that is about you when fear is ever near, you make strides to displace and replace what had come before? And now as you instill Love into the mix of this new equation, you bring wholeness to a situation that feels other than that. Bring Love into the mix of what you seek to improve as you move this day.

    And so it is.

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