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Love Heals – More Than Just An Emotion

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    Love Heals

    Might you now consider interjecting Love within each activity as you move throughout this day? Love is the Universal key to healing, restoring wholeness, and is the mechanism that will create a shift when conceptualized in its fuller capacity.

    It is fine too, to consider each thing with a loving component, but there is an expansive quality of Universal Love that is also very important. Allow this Love to be the catalyst to move mountains or those bigger-than-life blockades that seem to impair your ability to do or become something more. Now you are wondering what we might suggest as the method to move this process forward so you might implement it. So what is the fuller understanding of Love?

    Love Isn’t Simply An Emotion

    It is not simply an emotion as it can restructure components at the synergistic level to molecularly change an atom. The spin is revolutionized from the smallest to the largest degree. Love repositions its spin. So imagine if the spin of an atom can change, what other effects does Love energetically enable? How does it infuse all other aspects of life from the mere domino effect it portends? It is more than perhaps you believe it possible to be.

    In time, more will be given on Love and how it can engage the spin of the atom and revolutionize other components in your life. What is meant here? When Love and a degree of focus enter in to enact change, what is the measure of its impact?

    When something so small is redirected when misaligned to spin and become more congruent with others in its proximity, what is being implied? As the atoms’ spin moves more in sequence with one another, they are being reformated to be as they once were. Spinning in the manner they knew as the restorative balance is regained. Do you see this? Is this something you can grow to accept? Do you know it to be true already and can sit with it for a moment to imagine the full measure of what is suggested here?

    Tools  Accessible Within

    You see, you do have the absolute ability to fully navigate this Earth plane as you already have all the tools you need to do so. Everything awaits within. It is only a matter of time before you reconnect to what is available and accessible within. Do you believe this? Or can you repeat this thought until you do believe this concept? You see when the full measure and ability to access these tools once more, they will be more easily available. Seek to restore those things that are out of balance as you grow your abilities to do so.

    Know your being is complete and whole. That is the first step. See each body part as operational and able to work at full capacity. This is when you allow for the connection to be re-established.

    When the body becomes sluggish, activate its ability to recharge. Bring it back up to its original energy levels. You can, of course, do this work. But you must do things a bit differently to activate them. Engage your mind from a different space. When you shut off the chatter and move within to access what you have readily available, all is possible.

    Consider This …

    Think of it like locating the missing keys to your car. The car was always in your garage, but you didn’t know where you’d left the keys. They were out of sight. When you finally found them, you inserted the ignition key or pushed a button to engage the engine. Depending on how long the keys had remained missing, perhaps it took a few tries before the car started.

    Can you see you may have some energetic parts that haven’t been used in a while either? Their engagement may be more sluggish and not kick in as quickly as before when they were routinely engaged. But once you found what was missing and followed a few easy steps, everything kicked in and worked as before.

    In this scenario, the car started right up because all that was missing were the keys. Yet without this critical component, although the car was pretty to look at, it couldn’t operate. The manufacturer of the car designed the car to not work without certain things and this is key.

    You see, your body is meant to be used throughout your life to take you wherever you need to go in a most effortless manner. But when necessary components are not engaged as designed, it doesn’t work for you as it was intended. 

    If you haven’t used your car for a more lengthy period of time, the fuel line, spark plugs or battery may all be issues to consider. Know that each component is necessary as they have a defined purpose. Without one or the other, your car won’t run as you might like, if at all.

    So, when you engage with what was dormant for a time, you can access what you could not before. But once you engage in some routine steps, the process can be more easily enacted. It may take some practice to locate the tools to allow activation, but once you have found the key ingredients, you can again engage and restore everything to its full potential.

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