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How To Get Good Advice, Trust Inner Guidance

How to get good adviceHave you ever thought of life as a series of occurrences? When you were younger, did you watch and listen to what others shared? Did you then follow their direction and made decisions as you moved into adulthood based on certain foundational understandings?

Did you reflect on what you saw? Did you like or dislike certain associated feelings? In life, uncertainties appeared and perhaps, from time to time, you felt a little scared.

Career choices are scary things if you didn’t immediately know or resonate with a particular occupation or profession. Some individuals believe they are expected to follow a family-held career path and they have no other choice than to do as they feel they must. Other times, career opportunities may have seemingly popped up and into play out of nowhere. When going to that final interview, the position seemed like it would be good enough and it paid well. You were young, so why not try this or that out for a while? You had lots of time to change your mind. Might we look at this premise another way?

Career Path Chosen

These careers were enlisted from either a fear-based reality or something else. What is meant here? You see, you have choices to make. And these choices propel your steps. 

Let's take a step back. Do you feel a longing or passion for this thing you currently do? Does it make your heart sing or do you engage with your daily routine in a more rote or obligational manner? Do you watch the clock each day and wait for each hour to click by or are you amazed when you check your watch as the time seemed to fly by?

You see, when it is something that moves you and resonates from within, it is what you seek to express in the doings or action taken in this life. You move with the passion this activity generates and these propel your next steps. 

If this isn't the case for you, how can you find what is missing? Whether it's a job, companion, or whatever you feel is desired, how can you change things up to make life as you more readily prefer? Do you ask friends to share their insights? What about checking with a family member? Might they know? Maybe enlist advice from those you chat with online, or those you see at social gatherings? What about those who seem really happy, should you just ask them? Consider yet another option. Seek inner counsel.

Seek Inner Counsel

You have an internal guidance system that seeks to share insights when you ask for direction and elicit advice. Do you know how to activate this internal tool?

Ask A Question

Did your parents ever recommend that you seek inner counsel? Did they suggest those really hard questions should be directed within? In times of uncertainty, would that seem like a wise thing to do?

Do you know what we mean here? This is when you sit in meditation or quiet contemplation as you pose a question of significance. Clear your mind and allow answers to come into your mind after having created an empty mental space. In this way, you allow for insights to enter in. Listen and allow. If you block the words which appear, how will you receive the answers you seek?

Enlist assistance from your unseen entourage of Light and Love.

Before You Sleep

Here's another method you can practice. Pose an important question before you fall asleep each night. Then, as you awaken in the morning, listen for the answer. If it doesn’t happen immediately, try again the next night. You may not remember initially but establish a practice. Continue with this exercise until you recall the answer provided. Write down what is given.

Do You Journal

This is not to say that you should lay awake all night thinking about the question you’ve posed. If you find this method makes your mind race and you can’t sleep (as related thoughts keep you engaged in mental chatter), try journaling your question instead.

Take your journal and keep it by your bed. Pose your question there. Focus on it briefly before you go to sleep. Then as you awaken, write down what comes into your mind. It is a good idea to write down the response you are given because you may find the wording to be very fluid and fleeting. The message may seem elusive and hard to recall when you have fully awakened. Retain the insights you are given by writing them in your journal or laptop.

All you seek is within. It was never lost or unattainable. It was just unknown for a time and seemingly separate from you. Reconnect with your most trusted guide, in this way, once again.

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