Believe in the Value of Gratitude

The Value of Gratitude

Here the Elders talk about uncertainties that exist in life. And how you might incorporate gratitude into your daily activities to bring in more of what is wanted. If you currently employ gratitude, you could focus more keenly on bringing its energy full circle as you release it into your day. Why focus time on what is fearful or unwanted? Especially since Universe will return to you what you think about and focus upon. But there’s even more to it than that. 

Self-Love (#14)

Might you give yourself self-love today? During a day when so much emphasis is placed upon love, might you gift some love to yourself? Might you enter into the space of giving this love to yourself as you buoy up your energy accordingly?

Your Purpose is Energy

Might you enlist your purpose? It resonates with you, an energetic component that you wanted to understand at an earlier point in time. Are you ready, and do you want to make it your priority this day? This is the reason you are here.

The Beauty of Diversity (#12)

The Beauty of Diversity, Why It Exists – Now, Consider Adding a Dash of Love into the World of Form. #12

Do you wonder about diversity and why it exists? Have you considered the value it brings as you muse upon it now? Know that it is for a purpose and one that evokes clarity and more defined understandings. For if everything were the same, how would you know the difference between one preference versus another?

Move this day to bring Universal Love into play in a big way. Move it into this world of form and all that progresses from this point forward.

Gratitude – Give Appreciation (#11)

Do you recognize the many things today that you perhaps take for granted? Might you recognize them now and give gratitude for the many freedoms you experience? Give appreciation for the freedoms you have and for what you are experiencing in this space and time. Pause now to do so.

Do you also see that the mind will seek to navigate you here and there … to do this or that? Seek to discern what is most important. And do so from a place of centeredness. Do so from your heart space rather than through a mental engagement. Ask and seek direction often.

Meditate & Strengthen Your Practice (#10)

We have spoken about developing your practice at other times and suggest it as the best means to allow you to become centered when there is much underfoot. It is much easier to develop an inner peace in calmer times. Meditation is a means to strengthen what you wish to grow. Meditate, pray or enlist a most necessary practice to do so. Might you get about establishing a practice that will be accessible when the goings and doings become more challenging than how you find yourself today?

Accomplish Today – Do Not Delay (#9)

Accomplish Today – Do Not Delay — Enact Those Most Important Things that You Have Delayed Doing. #9.

Do you realize that we are in special times and in these times, it is important to move into cue what you wish to enact, do, or be?

Do not delay the things that you’ve put off accomplishing. Might you look at life as precious so you do not lose what might otherwise be put into play in an immediate sort of way?

Your Thoughts are Important – Control Them

Your Thoughts are Important – They Change Your Energy – And You Draw More of that Energy to You. #8.

When you engage with hypothetical understandings, judgmental beliefs, and other negative thoughts, you draw more of their energetic kind to you.

When you engage with hypothetical understandings, judgmental beliefs, and other negative thoughts, you draw more of their energetic kind to you.

All things these are merely choices as they require you to focus upon them and choose to engage with them. Make different choices as you consider that there is more to the equation than you realized before. You control the thoughts you keep … so focus more on those you prefer.

Grow your Manifestations (#7)

Amplify and expand all you seek to manifest, grow, do, and be within this lifetime. Focus, feel, envision, and move into manifestation that which is yours to claim.

Does Your Mind Block Your Advancement (#6)

Does Your Mind Block Your Advancement? Move it Out of the Way this day. — Do you wonder about those things you long to create and why it seems that the mind doesn’t like what you introduce? Do you think it to be too difficult or that you simply can’t discover these things because each time you’ve tried you’ve seemingly found yourself redirected and looking to accomplish something else? Stop and recognize that you are in a mind game.