Meet Us In Reno

Sept 9 & 10, 2023

Robyn G. Locke - Author

Introductory Event:
Friday, Sept 9, 2023
Check-in 6:30 PM EST – 8:00 PM EST
Initial Fee: $49*

Main Event:
Saturday, Sept 10, 2023
Check-in 9 AM EST – Noon

Workshop Fee: $250*

Introductory Event – Discover the elements we will introduce. Hear from the Elders. Ask questions and receive direct updates from the Elders.

Main Event – Does life seem overwhelming at times? Do you feel frustrated, unhappy, and want more from your current life?

Get answers from the Elders as they get an energetic understanding of those attending. Leave your understandings and perceptions at the door as you move to engage a pathway that wasn’t available for you before.

Signup and get their insights. As a result, we guarantee you will see and feel a difference in the ways you never dreamed of before.

*When attending both events, the introductory fee will be deducted from the workshop fee.

Welcome to our programs. Kick off the new year by removing energy that does not serve you. Attend the introductory experience and its complementary workshops!

The Introductory Program will be held on January 20. This event sets the stage for our January 21 workshop.

Get the most from this life when you clear out unwanted energy. Create a pathway by implementing our steps to —

1. Identify Hidden Addictions

2. Self-Heal

3. Discover your Original Purpose

Details –

1. Hidden Addictions

— Is there something done in secret

— Will you see what others don’t

— Ferret out what is unwanted

— Learn how to “clean house”

— Get to the core energy component

2. Self-Heal

— Heal, Restore, Renew

— Re-energize

— Make whole

— Release negative energetic seeds of disease

— Reset the subconscious

3. Original Purpose

— Discover why you are here

— Take fundamental steps to employ

— You are not your thoughts

— Regain control of mental promptings

— Enact, do, then be, stopping the rounds of incarnation

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