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Become Uniquely Grounded

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    Become Grounded in a Unique Way

    Recently, an audio recording was created of the Elders’ grounding exercise entitled, Become Grounded. It is accessible here and on the Advanced Energetics’ YouTube channel. I want to share some important components of why this little exercise is so uniquely beneficial. Not only because you become anchored or grounded as you move forward into your day but because it offers so much more. It allows you to release subtle energy that may have recently become stored within your body. 

    Awaken: The Definitive Guide

    In the Awaken book, much information is given on subtle energy. What it is and how it can be released is shared there. The “Become Grounded” exercise adds to that understanding. Within Awaken, the Elders describe how you can offer up what you do not need to have anchored to your being or world. But now consider this additional insight as more is being offered.

    Rather than paraphrasing, let me share their words directly.

    the Elders …

    You see, there are aspects that can be released more easily than the anchored energy described within the Awaken book. This newer energy can be distinguished from the other as it is less burdensome and has not had the ability yet to fully anchor and become stored within (the body). In this posture, you are open to surrendering what you do not know. Since you cannot know all in this physical form, you are giving up something you cannot see. In this way, you recognize something as being unnecessary or not needed. Although you may not yet understand the other components at play, this is the initial premise to be gleaned.

    Enter to do this release work through grace and love. In this loving posture, you release those components that do not need to remain active within your being and world. This is a means to allow the release of what hasn’t yet become affixed to you. You are flushing things out before they are more significantly embedded into place. It is your willingness to surrender what you have (many times) unknowingly stored.

    If you have more of an issue and it festers, your mind calls it up and into play. You engage with it. As you invoke it in, you allow for its return. This energy then becomes connected and doesn’t release more readily because you have tethered it to you.

    You see, you need not fully feel this energy here as you are surrendering to what you do not know. In that unknowingness, you bend the knee to Universe and offer this up (so to speak) as you do not remember being slightly bruised by the comment of another. Or perhaps something else is internalized from the news you hear or some other soundbite heard resonates with you in a lesser way.

    If it is tied to something on a bigger scale, it will be drawn to its corresponding energy. But if it has no association with anything else that you have currently established within, then it is free to move about and cluster where it might. You are saying to Universe that you don’t know all of the little kinks or quirks within. Yet you prefer to neither anchor or tie these things to you. By asking through surrender, you allow for their quick release.

    In this grounding exercise, you are introducing a “catch-all” phrase into the mix. It is offered so these things need not be tied or tethered to you. They have not yet been bound or anchored to the greater feeling component nor to the rounds of life that tie you to another more directly.

    The YouTube icon link can be found at the top or bottom of the AE website page. Or simply click here to watch this 3-minute video.

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