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    Find purpose in this life

    Have you considered within life the importance of setting goals or accomplishing those things that will propel your next best steps? Do you entertain this practice in business? What about spiritual aspirations? Do you treat those in a similar manner as the other?

    Let’s say at one point, you as Spiritual Essence, wanted to feel something you didn’t fully understand. Now that you are in a position to more readily understand, but no longer remember this innate desire, what then?

    Life Choices

    You see, often in life, you move from one thing to the next. When moving as such, you do not always recall the core essence of why this thing was so important. You see, you set up a premise to discover how something felt before you embodied on this planet. There is an aspect known as forgetfulness, and that loss of recollection is what allows you to experience each thing as fresh and new. Were you to recall life before you got here, there would not be the uniqueness of choice that does exist now. And perhaps you might not feel things in precisely the same way were you to know some of those components more readily. Let’s say this newness allows you to feel beyond its current measure. In this way, each part of the experience is revealed based on choices made. Your individual storyline unfolds accordingly.

    If you already knew the what and why, well, where’s the mystery in that? You see, a more immediate recall would spoil the surprise and unbridled realization that otherwise exists. It would not allow you to feel what isn’t known precisely and in its entirety in the same way today. And so, when you lose the ability and the sheer knowingness of how to get from here to there … surprise and spontaneity can enter into the mix. Otherwise, things become oh-so predictable.

    And so do recognize that life is — in this way — mysterious and wonderfully fresh and new. This allows for the uniqueness of choice to be felt. It gives each here the ability to see things anew as if they were for the first time. 

    Our Books

    We look to give you insights into how to move and enact what you seek to find. Wouldn’t you need the means to remember what you do not now know? For in this space, there is a degree of remembering that is askew. And so we’ve described what you might set about recognizing and implementing … to find your way back to this core premise. Certain steps will help you determine if you are in step with where you need to be to get back on course to that preferred destination.

    Have you longed to locate the right tools to do so? Consider our books to be a valuable resource to facilitate your discovery. The Little Book to Find Your Purpose will guide and provide you with a succinct yet broad direction. Life takes on added meaning in this way. See this life as it is — a gift. There’s a gift given within each occurrence you experience here. Yes, even those things that appear bad provide a means of direction and new vistas to consider. But each one is intended to move you back to a place of purpose. Set an intention now to consciously move in a way that will enable you to accomplish all you seek. Seek a purpose-driven life. 

    Many books look to provide answers but do they do so in a manner to produce results? Seek now those new vistas and their pathways. Ask and always align from the heart space rather than doing so in a mental way. Know that well-worn pathways may take you on a journey that doesn’t lead you to all you seek. Move in a more purposeful way.


    If you’ve come back around to try to enact the same objective a time or two, or even a number of times — in a number of ways — how can you make this life more meaningful? Each time you’ve started with fresh, new clothes to change up the experience. Sometimes, new vistas allow for different choices to result. Each lifetime allows you to see and feel what you did not know previously — and perhaps could not know without initiating new pathways of purpose.

    And so, life is like that. You have a purpose. You have a purpose in all that you do and enact. The key here is to figure out what that is so you might experience the discovery this new awareness offers. Make this the discovery you seek to uncover today. This is the thing that has remained undiscovered and awaiting what you might find. You see, it has waited for you to connect to it in just the right way. And so choose to connect in this time and space so that you might experience a certain unique understanding more directly. And so, here you are — wow, what a gift.

    Now, get about and accomplish why you chose to come here initially. Discover what you wanted to know and understand. You see, you do have a purpose, and it is what you undertook to realize and know. You will find your purpose after having taken many detours and enlisted unimagined pathways of travel. These will help you see what you couldn’t have known without their added measures.

    Choose Wisely

    The second book within our three-book trilogy is titled The Original Purpose. This book shares insights concerning the transitory time when moving from this space to the next. You see, you plan many aspects of your life experience and many of its larger plot points. Yet free will choices add to the intrinsic details that give depth to your story. They either keep you on course or move you in another way. Allow for a more expansive next life when you ask questions within this time. Ask questions and do not allow your choices to be so easily made.

    This book also suggests processes and insights you might consider adopting in the here and now. It alerts you that you carry your beliefs and knowingness with you … even if they are askew of what truly is. Do you see that when beliefs held here are further reinforced there, you may be prone to believe what isn’t actual or real?

    Find The Original Purpose book can be found within the purpose trilogy, The Greater Purpose.

    Align to Manifest More

    Begin and end your day in a way that will allow and move you in an inspirational way. These are what you might consider as being better choices. They will get you to your destination faster than you might ever imagine.

    Finding your purpose in life is why you are here, and it will certainly allow you to garner the missing components you seek to find.

    But do you still wonder how you are to get from here to there? Utilizing the right tools will allow a more deeply-held connection to bubble up to the surface. You see, finding your purpose may not be what you once believed. When you still and slow the mind, so much more can enter in and become known as each thing is internally held.

    Perhaps, do this and not that. Choose the more direct route and enable what you could not see before to become known by you. Find your purpose, your mission, your passion, your reason for being as you embark upon your own journey. Do this sooner rather than later, and know that all options await your personal election to enact them. Locate our books, which will allow you to discover your innermost passion. Move in unbridled ways that are distinctly purposeful and bring you to the realization of a lifetime — in this lifetime. 

    Read what will move you in the right direction. Further your progress. Discover our books. We seek to peak your recall so that you might move in a way that is inspired and will bring you full circle to all you seek in the best way. You’ve surely asked, What’s my purpose in life? Or, How might I best find my purpose? But you see, it is all about how you get there. And we know you will find your way now that you are ready and have located the tools to do so.

    Begin today as you explore in this way.

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