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The Fear Factor = Opportunity

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    Fear – What Does it Guard

    The Fear Factor should be looked upon as an opportunity. Are you ready to face your fears? What is behind your feelings here? Is it time to look there? Might you look upon it as a guardian of what you seek to know? Open that fearful door and embrace what it guards. It is an opportunity to consider this fear in a positive way.

    What do you fear?

    Release Fear

    Release the need to judge what each thing means. Decide today to no longer engage in the what ifs of life. Instead, look upon each thing as in the wonderment of the child. Look quizzically and without preplanning or predetermining what this or that means.

    Know that there is an opportunity that is waiting to be birthed in this reality. You merely have to move through this fearful thing to the other side of it. This life is a journey that is meant to be traversed. Seek to discover more. Intend for this life to be a bountiful opportunity that you are to experience. Intend for more to be.

    Focus on positivity and on those things you desire. Draw to you the things you prefer. The law of attraction will bring more of those things to you, do you see?

    Perspectives and Beliefs

    Release your perspectives and beliefs to live a happier life. Don’t limit life and all this life might suggest. Life is of your making. It is how you see it. Focus on more things that make you happy. Fixate upon those things that you want to be a part of your life instead of any other.

    What is the Opportunity Awaiting You

    Connect to the opportunity that awaits you when you see fear as a guardian of what you seek to accomplish. If you can see things this way, then you will engage with this thing in a different way. Look at it in a way of wonderment. What lights you up? Focus there and then return to the other.

    Find Your Purpose

    You may already be doing your purpose. You may already be in the flow of all that is but know now more awaits you. Consider this as you look again at all that might now be as you listen now to discover more.

    Consider the fear factor…

    Is Fear the Desired Objective

    So when you look to take that next step, do you do so without fully recognizing other options? In immediately moving rather than stilling the mind and looking inwardly to seek your answers, you engage in a knee-jerk response. These quick assessments and the rapid response they elicit do not work as effectively when you are not in sync with Universe. When out of step, reactionary ones align from a space outside of the flow where you might otherwise move rapidly but with a purpose and direction unlike any other. 

    So when you move in this way, do you see that your steps are not aligned as they might be? They then take you further in the trajectory that an unaligned, disjointed posture would lead you to engage. And so, reflect upon how lofty or larger decisions are sometimes engaged from a vantage of fear. When fear is engaged and felt, your energy shifts to draw to you more of that same energy. In the rapid, almost instantaneous return of the energy you emanate, more fearful-like thoughts and corresponding energy seek its return to you.

    And so, as soon as you engage with such thoughts and upon your recognition of them, do move into another space. In other words, shake those thoughts. Move away from them and engage another. For the longer that you marinade in those thoughts, more of that energy seeks to be drawn to you. 

    It is that you draw more of it in and to you. As you engage, and the longer you engage in this manner, you aspire for more of it to be given. It is and does occur this way. More is drawn to you in your focused thought. And do you see in this alignment, you might then experience a different reality and day than otherwise?

    And so, we suggest, you move away from those lesser thoughts and into better ones with positive potentiality. Consider that projecting what might be in the future is a paradox for so many alternate realities exist and your objective should be to draw in what you want rather than create unwanted future realities. 

    Might you enact your world today and any future undertakings to exhibit the reality sought? In other words, draw more of what you aspire to do and be. Move beyond the fearful aspect of the thing before you for you might realize that what is behind the fear is the desired objective. It is the focus and reality that you seek.

    Consider in this way that fear is what is sought. Realize that fear is the very thing you want to get to as it is cradling the desired thing. When you can frame fear as an ally and necessary component, then you can embrace this unknown factor. For in the gift of the fear you might very well find your preferred reality. Might your recognition be to achieve and move through the fear? This is how to navigate and enable those next steps to be ones most preferred. They will lead you to your desired destiny.

    And so, this is what we move toward today. Yet in all that you do and believe, belief in what is whole and pure is also necessary. Can you believe at this moment that all you desire to manifest in your achievement of health and healing is possible too?

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