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Beliefs and Their Energetic Strings

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    What are beliefs and why should you believe in anything? Do you recognize when you have established a belief, you are energetically tied to that which you believe? Do you understand why this is important or why you might consider this concept now?

    You see when you believe in something and as you focus upon it, more vibratory elements are drawn in. Through your beliefs and constant or focused attention, more reinforcing data is given in return. Universe believes because of your focus, you desire more components of this or that thing to be given. In other words, you desire this thing and so aspects are energetically drawn to be in closer proximity to one or the other.

    The Significance of Beliefs

    Now, you may not believe any of this to be significant, but we tell you that it is. All you do or seek to become, works in alignment with this one premise. You see, all that you desire is given. Even more of those unwanted things are returned through your relentless focus on them. You see, Universe does desire for you to have all you want and to return to you what has been purposely reflected upon. So know how you believe and what you believe is, oh so, significant.

    Guard and Monitor

    Guard your thoughts and beliefs. Can you look now upon each thing and consider them all to be valued as you would a treasure? Recognize and monitor what you hold within your mind (for even a few moments) as each thing you ponder upon is considered by Universe to be wanted by you. And so when you spend a lengthy amount of time on any one thing, then you move it into a place of alignment with it. Treasure what you value. And in that treasure trove of existence, a new prominence is given to this thing. For surely it must be a belief held by you as being valuable. Beliefs change the way you reflect upon them because, through the belief, prominence is given. And in so doing, you elevate the concept, thought, or thing.

    Recognize Choices

    Know this day, you are the one who manages what is thought and believed. In that recognition, will you honor those things and Universe, by stopping (once recognized) and redirecting thoughts that ought not be given weight or prominence? Can you do this when you see the need to do so? You see each thing pondered upon at length is considered significant. It is because of the time you spend with your focused thoughts that they are elevated and given prominence. Why would you choose to spend time thinking about something if you did not hold it in high esteem?

    Law of Attraction

    If you reflect upon something that is undesired, your thoughts will have drawn unwanted things ever closer to you. Stop and redirect errant thoughts this day, each day. Do this when you choose to change your focus to an alternate, more pleasing thought. Think only upon those things desired. Notice the thoughts you are thinking as you monitor what’s running through your mind’s eye. Then seek to either reinforce a thought (as you further align with it) or immediately abandon another. Once recognizing a self-limiting thought, move to embrace a more aligned or preferred thought instead by substituting one for the other.

    Might you seek to do so today? Then see what manifests tomorrow. Align your thoughts to those you wish to attract more of. Bring wholeness into your life in this way. Align with the one-ness of a more purposeful direction. By holding preferred thoughts that reinforce positive beliefs, you will be propelled toward all you seek. As you fulfill each undertaking to manifest all you desire to manifest.

    And so it is.

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