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The Real Role of Your Purpose

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    Your Real Role of Purpose

    What is the real role of your purpose, and why does this matter? In many regards, your purpose is the thing that is meant to fuel your days. It is meant, in this life, to be the reason and the rationale that puts a spring into your step. It moves you to want to accomplish, do or be. Do you see that was and continues to be the reason for why you are here?

    But often, there is not the recall in this embodiment from the others you have lived. And understanding or remembering these past experiences does not exist. In other words, you do not recall the previous ones or the premise established. And so, as you move about your day, you are not focused on accomplishing the all-important objective you established once long ago. 

    Even if you do move in a manner that satisfies your life purpose, you may yet have to learn about the overarching objective, which was the original purpose you established before coming into embodiment for the first time.

    Why was this initial objective lost? How could something so important no longer be a part of the vista of your being? When it wasn’t remembered after the first incarnation, there was no longer the priority given to its mission. The recall was lost because it had not first been established to be that which it was and is. It was lost because you lost sight of it, and in that lack of recall, it became minimized.  Minimized in that it no longer held the same significance as before.

    Recall Was Lost

    But those Wayshowers who are to be helping you plan all these things as you prepare again to enter into this realm — why did they not remind you and give you a kernel of recall so that you could plan accordingly?  Well, it is not their objective to remind you of something that you do not ask about. They help to direct but not to lead. You are to lead, but when you do not recall, you cannot lead appropriately. When you do not know that you are out of step with what you set up to enact, what might be done?

    You see, there must be some catalyst to remind you of what is wanted. What you wanted must become known once again so you might move back into step with what you set out to know once before. You wanted to understand something that was not understood from the vantage you once held. This aspect was something that had kept you in a degree of wonderment. How would this understanding make you feel? And how might it be felt to be understood in a significant way?

    Understand that your purpose is not a thing but rather a more specific energy. This energy was what you sought to more fully know and recognize. You could only know this energy by coming into physical form to be a part of the Earth’s dynamic — this place where you find yourself today. In this way, you can experience a fuller awareness of what this or that feels like. And to know this or that, well, what is that without its opposing energy? And so you must also encounter its converse to know this energy more fully. This is the means to know the full expanse of what you wanted to understand, recognize, and feel.

    Your Purpose Isn’t a Thing

    You see, your purpose isn’t a thing at all. It’s the energy found from the creation of the thing that you have conjectured to create. The thing is the byproduct of what you want to feel. Yes, in this way and others, you are meant to feel your way through this life to know if you are on the right track to finding all you seek. It is this emotional energy that will lead you back to what it is that you want to find. 

    And so, how to get there … 

    1. Begin from the heart center each day to align in the best way — rather than to do so from a mental knowingness that might otherwise exist
    2. Stay centered — do this by seeking balance within each day
    3. Enter into meditative or contemplative moments to receive inner instruction
    4. Set daily intentions to move you as they might — as opposed to enlisting mind games
    5. Ask for more to be given as you always might seek more
    6. Set the intention to align with your Original Purpose.

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