There Is No Separateness

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    Today, let’s focus on YOU. You in the sense of who are you and why is “You” such a separate concept. For you see, You are not You as there is, You and You & Me. For we are (as we have said before) all connected and there is no separateness.

    So the You is not as it seems, separate and alone. How do you bridge the two, so that we walk (as if across a bridge) one from each side, and merge into the oneness of being? For you see, until we see each other as in some way connected, there will always be this struggle that causes the separateness to remain and be maintained.


    The alone-ness perceived causes some to feel disenfranchised, less than and defeated. For they know not where to turn and where they do turn is not as they might turn. It is a sad and somewhat self-fulfilling prophecy in that they repeat actions that only propel them further and further away from a one-ness that would allow them to heal.

    Healing the mind, body and soul must start with the healing of their being as their consciousness is one with everyone else. Until there is some education on this fact, situations such as seen in Chicago will continue. For they know not that they are destroying a part of themselves in their struggle to kill, maim and control. Their struggle of separate-ness.

    So how can each begin to heal on the level of consciousness? How can the awareness begin so that this becomes viral so to speak? For that is the age in which we sit and to ignore the means and method that this message must be brought into mainstream awareness is foolhardy.

    We advise you to seek connectedness and to feel the connectedness that inward reflection brings. Know that you are each connected through Source Energy and that all are the one.

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