What is Your Purpose or Passion

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    Have you heard some speak about how to engage with their life’s passion or purpose? Some also refer to this as their reason for being and quite simply, the reason you have incarnated here. Are you wondering how to bring this thing into existence? Perhaps you could, through sheer willpower, force it to become known. Maybe even to demand that it be known more immediately. Do you believe it could be this or that and want to know and discover its full measure now?

    As you may realize, demanding anything would be going against Universal flow. And so to fight, push or demand Universe to reveal your reason for being alive today will not cause it to be revealed. This objective cannot be accomplished from such a forceful state of consciousness. Seek rather, to move from a state of surrender and allowing.

    Course Correction

    And so, let us make a correction to this sort of direction. We would ask that you consider whether it can be found from a knowing and allowing posture, or if it instead can be found more readily when you allow it to come forward from a space of not knowing. Perhaps to enter into a space of contemplation and then to allow what you do not yet know to be.

    Isn’t that the space from which you wish to move? For all the knowingness will not get you there – to wherever it is that you wish to go. Yes, it is when you surrender what you think you know to what you do not know, cannot know, in physical form that more can be. It is in this surrender that you allow that which you do not know to come into being. Do you see?

    So listen to others, take what they say, and allow it to flow over or through you. Know those who instruct in this manner are reaching those who do not have a higher understanding. Not a better understanding than the other, and perhaps higher is not the best choice of words here, but let us say another understanding.

    Passion, Purpose, Reason for Being

    Yes, your greater or Soul’s purpose is why you are here. And it will become your passion (if it is not already) because it is the thing that will light you up. It is why you are here and thus, your reason for being. You see all so easily align to bring you to that space that you wanted to know once upon a time. A time when there was no time in which you needed to know this thing more immediately — so no deadlines exist here. You can remain here to find it another day or get about finding it today.

    Travel Your Own Unique Path

    As you see, each travels the path as they choose to travel it. These steps take each along their unique course of travel. Each traverses the means and manner that is best for them. You see, a path is just that, a path. When it becomes well-worn, it turns into a road, then a highway and each gets you to your destination a bit faster than the other … but there must be a beginning. As your journey begins, traverse in the manner you desire. Where do you seek to go? Go where your passion leads you.

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    If you’re ready to read more about your purpose and need a way to get started, listen, or read The Greater Purpose. It will provide guidance and provide insights and understandings that will lead you to where you seek to go. It’s the definitive guide to awaken to your reason for being.

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