This Reality is Illusionary

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    This Reality is Absolute Illusion - Seek More

    What does it mean to suggest that this reality is a complete and absolute illusion? Life is illusionary. Yes, you’ve heard this before, but what does this concept really mean? What does it imply to exist here rather than there, and why did you come here in the first place if this were not simply the ultimate place in which to be?

    Move Beyond the Maya – the Illusion

    Do you see the illusionary premise that is proposed and supposed here? Do you see what we seek to infer as you muse upon this contemplated premise now? Yes. Life here is unique. It exists uniquely as it is, here, so that you might exist in the reality that has led you to where you now do reside. Choices have brought you here. And these are all the things that you have chosen prior to your existence today. They have created the reality in which you exist and hopefully thrive accordingly.

    And so, when you find that you have taken a route that has resulted in where you did not suppose it would lead, what then? What to do when all that you are in the midst of is not as you might prefer it to be? How do you change that when each step has seemingly led you here?

    Choose Differently

    We would say that it is simply choosing a different path. It is simply suggesting that this other way might be a more preferred option. But perhaps you say, this other option no longer exists. This other is no longer viable and now I have no options that are preferred. What then?

    We would say to set the intention to be in a space that is “more” than where you find yourself today. Make an intentional thought that will direct you other than what has directed your steps before. Choose differently.

    So, suppose you start to conjecture how you want your life to be. Picture in your mind’s eye how you would like life to feel. And as you do so, contemplate upon the more which always exists. Now, might you do this musing in an uplifted sort of way or, let us say, even in an impersonal way? Not from a needy space of needing or wanting more in a less-than sort of way, but now you engage in an empowered and passionate way of wanting what is yours to claim.

    You know this other reality exists and now you want to get there. Now, you want to “own” that other reality. Now, you want to manifest that other lifestyle and all it affords. So how to get there?

    It is as if you were planting seeds. You will want to plant what you want to grow. Grow only those things that will sustain and nourish you as you seek to do the same with those things you intentionally want to cultivate and grow. Grow this – sustain that – while releasing the others. Do you see? This is how you might bring about more into the reality you now seek.

    Make New Choices

    All are merely choices. And when you think there is no other way, stop and reflect again … for you see, there will always be more choices and opportunities. When you can shift how you see your life and the options you want to make manifest within your world and envision more. Do so when you are in a contemplative mode of wonderment and discovery. Do so when you are ready to receive more. Do so when you are not within a lesser energy that would seek to draw you down rather than to buoy you up. 

    Establish Your Practice

    Might you play in this way today? Might you play in the wonderment of all that exists just within your reach? Just within the reach, you determine it to be. Make today and each tomorrow a different reality than where you find yourself today. And when you can see life in this way, rather than in that other one, then each tomorrow will be more than today. It can be no other way. There will always be more, you see, for that is the reality in which you exist this day.

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