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    Recognize that all is aligned in time and space and so is your purpose. As your efforts advance the steps taken within a day and as these days turn into weeks, the measures taken are propelled by the thoughts you keep. Do you focus upon the advancement of your objectives or does your mind waver and falter as your vision becomes mired by insignificant issues that block your advancement? In other words, do your thoughts align with your objective?

    When we talk about alignment, know many factors have to fall into place for you to move in sequence with your divine plan or life mission. Have you scratched your head in wonderment of what is in store for you? You’ve searched, read books, and sought to move within through meditational instruction. All the while you’ve waited for something more to appear. Is it to be seen on a mural, found in a fortune cookie, or written in the sky? Or is it instead, something you feel within as you move towards a joyous objective? A feeling you were to bring into being while you are in the midst of all the doings here. Are you to create something tangible; something you love? Have you ever considered your purpose was not to create something three-dimensional but rather a feeling or vibration you are meant to feel? One you are to evoke as it is released into this world of form.

    Entering the Flow

    As you do this thing you love, do you then move into the doings of it? Is it done with such ease and rapidity that you are projected beyond the normal scope of its completion? In other words, are you able to complete one phase while moving into the next one? Are you able to do so with such amazing speed that you cannot see how you got from one point to the next in such a short amount of time? It was as if you had no limitations or obstacles in your way. You accomplished each thing that appeared, got through a maze of choices with ease, and rose above each twist and turn that might have caused you to falter in the past. It’s as if you were caught up in a whirlwind of these doings as each thing was quickly accomplished. Then, each sequential step easily presented itself to you for its completion.

    Your Purpose

    You see when you locate your purpose, you will move in time and space with the fluidity of its energetic current. That is when you have entered into Universal flow. Things seemingly progress with uncanny light speed. You will be moved to accomplish what you desire, unlike any other time. Unless of course, you have experienced this flow in the past and can attest to these words already.

    Look for Clues

    You see, it is from this space that things will rapidly arrive at your door to direct your next step. Are you waiting for a miraculous sign to appear from above? Rather than wait, start to sleuth out those signs so more might readily come into view. Insights are certainly all about you, but do you expect or wait to see them? Set the intention for your next step to be one that is greater than you can imagine now. Look for clues as they are given when you ask for such signs. Listen to lyrics of songs on the radio, look at street signs along the highway, and especially seek inner counsel. When you start to enjoy this exercise, you will see so many things are just beyond your arm’s reach. You just have to be ready and await the answers to those questions posed.

    Remain in a state of wonder and readily sleuth out answers that manifest in response to your query. Consider all that is given and then move in the direction these signs lead. You will know if you have chosen the right path by how you feel and the speed in which you move to the next part of the equation. If you seem to be hitting one roadblock after another, look again at your choices. Move always to that which feels good. In other words, what resonates with you from within? That is the best determinant for choosing your next step.

    Free Will Choices

    Recognize that each step does propel the next one. Know, too, that you reside right now from a collection of choices made previously. Each moved you forward to where you now reside. Do you see this? Free will is an amazing and “awesome” vehicle, along with cause and effect. These choices are not often fully recognized as to their inherent significance, influence, or impact on your life. The large and small choices you make on a daily basis do have lasting consequences that have led you to this place, point, and time.

    Puzzle Pieces

    Know that the way this world operates is much reliant on this. As such, these things do create a domino effect when each puzzle piece is placed. Things then move and align to out-picture all you seek to create. You see all of the pieces must be there for your creation to come together and become realized.

    Now, add feeling to the mix. It is an incredible sight to behold when all things are aligned as an individual’s unique purpose comes into fruition. And so yes, life is a marvel in so many ways. We marvel at the uniqueness and beauty created within this world of form, as well as, the mechanics of it all.

    Today is truly a marvelous day; an aligned day. A day of possibility with design. In its design, there is an allowing for that creation to come into manifestation and to be … to simply be. And so it is.

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