Unhappy, Depressed or Out of Sorts

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    Unhappy is a choice - Find a new perspective. 

    Unhappy is a Choice

    So if you’re ready for life to feel easier, to feel happy, and to see things differently then I’ve got the solution. When feeling out of sorts or out of alignment with the life of your dreams, take different steps to get a different outcome. Join us in January as this New Year’s resolution will be the best solution. We’ll be hosting multiple events in North Carolina in January, and I’d like to personally invite you to attend.

    We’ll be covering three main topics: addiction, self-healing, and purpose. Addiction is a topic the Elders have wanted to share for a while, and I’ve been resistant. It’s a big topic and not to be taken lightly. But I understand their objective as how can anyone truly self-heal if they don’t get their addictive issues under control? Recognition is the key component. So we’ll be taking a deep dive to bring critical considerations and additional components to the surface.

    I hope you’ll consider joining us in person. If that’s not possible, attend virtually, as both options are being offered. If you believe it’s time for a change, consider this as the definitive means to enact that change. Expand and grow how you perceive this life. It will alter how you in turn respond to the many demands life seems to impose.

    Check out our Greensboro event on the 20th and 21st. I hope you’ll make plans to attend. We’ll share more details as time progresses, but I want to plant some seeds now.

    Are you ready for some more insights from the Elders? There are two new videos available on the Advanced Energetics YouTube Channel. Is it time to engage more fully with their insights? Is it time to incorporate and integrate their latest teachings? Let’s discover what they are …

    Connect to that Higher Part of You

    The first video focuses on connection. Connect to that Higher Part of You — that conscious part of you. This is the means to move beyond the mind and its knee-jerk, reactionary recommendations. The first step is again recognition. Pretty simple right?

    Isn’t it wonderful to consider how simple these things are? But sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to see. Consider employing some foundational steps today. I’d also say to do some of this initial work so you might move more in step with your Soul’s (and your) true purpose. 

    In this video, the Elders provide some initial steps you might consider implementing today. Then when you have developed and strengthened that muscle, ask for more. Ask inwardly or ask here. Ask the Elders. Then more can be given.

    You see, often, there is a belief that one cannot communicate directly to their higher or conscious presence. I’m referring to that higher part of you that has been relegated (many times) to become that meek, small voice heard in the backdrop of your mind. The hard-to-hear voice that provides direction when you seek insights or direction. As noted, when you seek more, more is given.

    Know that you not only have the right to connect to that higher part of you, but it’s paramount that you do so. Connect to that conscious part of you as you set the stage to do so. This part of you wanted to understand something a time or two ago. And that’s why you are living this life today.

    Unfortunately, this presence isn’t readily heard. You have to wait a bit for these insights to become recognized as the mental, egoic promptings are heard more quickly. So often there is a preference for a quick answer. And this is not that. Yet the quality of guidance received is unparalleled and well worth the wait.

    Again, this work can be compared to developing a muscle. Establish a more accessible means of inner guidance and communication in this way. Now you’re setting the stage for this unique connection to advance further and grow. Ask for it to be so. Recognize how exceedingly important it is to grow this muscle. Begin when you are ready to nurture by practicing this connection.


    The second video, titled Focus – Align to Manifest the Best Day suggests how you might strengthen your focus. Setting intentions, becoming grounded, framing the day, and all those steps the Elders have shared previously will help you to move into and manifest the best day.

    Do you understand how your focused attention makes such a significant difference to your day and life? Where you place your focus is basically setting the stage for all that will enter onto the fresh canvas you are to create each day. 

    Consider envisioning all the art supplies needed to create a wonderful painting. You need the right paints, the right color palette, the right canvas size and quality, the right brushes, the right lighting, and so on. But if you don’t set the stage with all of the right ingredients, then when you actually want to create that artwork, will you be able to do so? 

    If you only have some of the components but not the right color palette, will the finished product look as you envisioned? If you forgot to get the right paintbrushes and have to rush to the store to get them, will the lighting be the same when you begin later in the day? Will other components shift and change when you delay beginning your masterpiece?

    And so, create today’s masterpiece using all the components that you envision as you frame the day. And with your focused attention, you will enable a more magnificent creation to result because you established better focus, the framework to do so, and the means for more to be.

    Before we end today’s post, I’d like to announce our new and improved website. It launched earlier this morning. Take a look around and stay for a while. Once you’ve checked things out, as you navigate about, please share your feedback with us at info@AdvancedEnergetics.org! And I’ll add that if you feel unhappy today or many days, if you feel depressed or wonder what’s the point, we’ll dive deep to bring you more to feel happy about. Your perspective will change when you envision life from a different vantage.

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