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Where Does the Soul Come From

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    Our Soul is More than we may believe

    Have you wondered about the details of your Soul? What does it mean to have a Soul? How did the Soul come into being? Or maybe simply where does the Soul come from? The Elders have shared that we originated from a state of divinity. It was because the Soul didn’t understand an energy that most are now here and living their lives.

    Our Souls

    You see, our Souls originated as Spiritual Essence. Our Souls heard about the Earth experience. Some wanted to know more by choosing to experience life here. On Earth, you are meant to feel your way through each physical discovery … although sometimes we do not. This and other lifetimes are the means to understand what was not understood prior to incarnating here.

    We are able to feel much more significantly here. In this space, the feelings are more deeply felt. I’m told it’s different than feeling from a purely energetic posture. Humanity, in its physicality, feels to the core. 

    So Spiritual Essence encapsulated Its Being of pure energy and became limited and contained. This once vast Being is now defined in Its encapsulation as a Soul. Let me pause now for the Elders might provide additional details so greater clarity results.

    The Elders Share More about the Soul

    Humanity, and its divine origins, are unique in many regards as they stem from a divinity that is beyond their immediate knowingness. They are, and there is much that remains unknown and not necessary to be known at this point in time. But let us suffice it to say that there is great excitement springing forth for this is an adventure that is sure to engage.

    And engage it does. This one or that one then came to experience what they could not know otherwise.

    Once upon a time, a Spiritual Being heard about the Earth experience. They inquired as can be done from this posture and heard that many had taken part in this experiment of sorts by encapsulating one’s Being and becoming bounded in form. 

    That was not the objective but was the result of what had been desired. You see, they became and are, as you might suspect, laden by what they did not know. Wanting to know and moving to know more is always considered a desired thing.

    And so, being in this space and another, there is often not the ability to know as one might suppose. There is a general understanding and belief in place, but beliefs are again subjective. And what is believed to be true from a posture of not truly knowing is a concerning thing for how can you know what you do not know?

    And so, in this space of time, some speculated how this or that would feel. But now they had the means to discover individually how each thing supposed and proposed would truly be. How it would feel is the thing that makes one understand so much more. Understood in a deeper way than prior to learning this, that, or the other.

    And so, this thing was conjectured but remained unknown. Now there was the means of knowing what was unknown previously. And this is what that was to be about — discovery — spiritual discovery. The means to finally fully understand what was not from the posture held before. 

    And do you see that there is an adriftness that did occur in the process? An adriftness of what was to be understood but moving from a spiritual objective to an egoic one, for there is not the understanding at this point in time of what truly is. There is mental speculation which is always off-point because the mind does not understand spirituality. Whether intentional or not is not the main point. It is that it (the mind) will not get you to where you seek to go.

    Shelf the Mind for a Time

    And so there is much within the scope of this understanding and even the premise of your purpose. As such, you will need to keep your mental mind on the shelf in order to bring more to the awareness of understanding. 

    Much has occurred from here to there. We mean this in a way of contemplation as you allow in what might otherwise become blocked. You see, you must want to know rather than presume to know this or that. 

    And so, at this time, there was much speculation as to how being in this space would feel. But there was not the true understanding of what such measures implied. So as the encapsulation occurred, there was another step that moved into proximity. It was to know from the posture of having a component of Itself move into a consciousness of physicality. 

    We will say that a component of the one does then become that which is walking and talking upon this planet. But this particle of self does not have the full understanding nor the understanding held by its Greater Aspect. And so there are many of these which were not presumed to be at that point in time. There was the presumption that this understanding would take no more than a time or two to lay claim to knowing more. 

    But the depth and degree of feeling was greater than what was supposed or expected. And so many lifetimes, in many timelines have occurred. And we do not share how many for the number would be presumed impossible — as it is impossible to fathom such.

    This is a premise that is structurally correct. Although, we will say that there is so much more in play in this way.

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