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    Robyn at an event

    As Memorial Day approaches, and the weekend looms large, I ask for your assistance. Would you consider helping me out? I’m preparing for my next road trip and wondering if you would like to attend our next in-person event. Our next upcoming event needs your assistance. I’m bringing our insights and updates along the East Coast and could use your input. Please let me know a city near you where we could host an upcoming event. We also want you to attend one of our events; would you consider doing so? I’d love to know if you can suggest a great place to host one of our upcoming events. 

    And would you also consider inviting a friend or two to accompany you? Then you or they can attend for free. Would you share our information with those who share your interest in purpose-driven objectives, and understandings, and are open to change? That’s my wish list as I seek your engagement in an upcoming event within our East Coast magical mystery tour. 

    About Me

    I bridge the physical with the non-physical world to bring you purpose-driven objectives. It’s because we are all about finding purpose and moving each toward their individual reason for being. It’s a lofty ambition and one that I’m passionate about facilitating.

    Today’s Fast-Moving Objectives

    Do you realize and recognize how much is going on these days? Have you considered the six-week road trip that we were on recently? And I’ll say it didn’t occur as the mind might have conjectured but instead through aspirations originating from the heart space.

    Engage in a questioning way, in a wondering sort of way. Look at life and your daily dealings from a different perspective than perhaps you engaged yesterday. 

    Still the Mind

    Move the mind out of the way. Still it or move it out of the way to discover more. The mind will always direct you to do and accomplish more. And there is nothing wrong with that. It’s simply that you must look at life’s accomplishments differently. Can you look at them as if doing so from your deathbed and see if they mean as much when considered from that perspective? 

    You might look at all things for a time to see if they offer the value the mind would assign to them. See them this way and then move away from things with no long-term value. Do this as you look to determine what has lasting value and what is merely eating up your time. 

    Our Upcoming Events

    And remember, our upcoming events are the best way to learn more. You can ask questions, engage with the Elders directly, and find what you’ve been searching for. So make it a point today to contact us today, so we can know your preferences.

    An Excerpt from Reno

    At one recent event during our road trip, we discussed finding your original purpose, self-healing, and the need to understand and recognize hidden addictions. You will see and tap into so much more when you see addictions for what they actually are. Become aware of all they impart and what they impact when considering why they are oh-so-significant.

    And when you begin each day from the heart space, you move forward, enlisting a different trajectory than were you to begin the day mentally. Now you will bring in a different set of occurrences because you have enlisted and enacted a heart-centered alignment. Wouldn’t you rather move forward from the heart rather than your head?

    Consider now this excerpt that shares the value we look to grow upon in our upcoming East Coast events.

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