Why Recognition is Important and the 1st Step

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    Why recognition is important with Robyn G. Locke on card

    Do you wonder why recognition is important? Do you wonder why it matters in a big-picture sort of way? In the video, we suggest that hidden addictions are what you might want to recognize. Consider now why big or even little addictive qualities need to be recognized.

    Hidden Addictions

    So what do we mean by hidden addictions? These are things you do when you’re not fully conscious of your actions. Perhaps even to say that you’re not being consciously aware in the moment of engagement. You don’t look at this thing you do as being all that significant. Or do you engage in something when you are in private and seemingly alone?

    Do you feel a strong desire to do something in secret? Could you say that the urge to comply feels so strong that you can’t escape an incessant and compelling directive to comply? That’s what we’ll talk about here and how to move into a space of recognition. Why recognition matters and what we suggest moving forward.

    We all feel things here on this Earth. Move in a manner to embrace those things that feel good but not in the highs and lows that addiction brings. You see, feeling your way through this life provides you with a means of direction. Yet the things you feel within an addictive engagement aren’t that. Do you readily understand the difference?

    The Elders suggest that you move toward those things that provide you with clarity and purpose. To then understand your purpose for living your life and the deeper meaning of why you chose to be here and are living your life today. 

    But with hidden addictions, it’s a bit different. When engaging in something you do in private or don’t admit to yourself that you are doing, know that this may be something beyond your wanting it individually. We’ve talked about this understanding before. You will find more about energy leeches here from earlier blog posts. Energy leeches are those who crave to feel what they cannot produce. They need another to create what they long to feel.

    If you become aware of a strong urge to do something that is beyond your ability to control, you may have something that seeks to leech energy from you. The new energy you’ll have created. Think about this for a moment.

    If you recognize what you want to feel wasn’t suggested by you individually but beyond or in spite of you, would that make a difference? Would you want to add fuel to the fire if you’re not the reason you do this or that? If it is something outside and beyond you, what then?

    If you then create more of this energy by engaging in an addictive enterprise, if it is being leeched from you to another source, what is really happening here? We suggest that this energy leech is quite literally taking your energy to access what it cannot derive on its own. Usurping your energy. If this were true, would this change the way you feel about engaging in this activity? 

    What do you do in Secret?

    Is there something you do that you don’t even admit to yourself that you are doing? Do you seek to get to the other side of the occurrence so you can get this high and then move on to something else?

    You might more readily see this if it is to feel a certain way. What is discussed here is getting a brief high when doing an activity. Craving or desiring to feel a certain energy high. Is this something you don’t share openly? Do you admit to doing this thing even to yourself?

    So the Elders have wanted for a time to move all into greater awareness. Meaning you may or may not be aware of energy leeches. You may not have realized that these things exist. Perhaps now there is more light on the situation, and you are taking a second look. Allow recent realizations to shine a light of recognition upon what wasn’t seen before.


    How can you move into a space of recognition when you don’t see what is being done under your very nose? Recognition is always the first step. It’s a big step and something that needs to see the light of day. That’s what this blog post is about. 

    How might you recognize something that will not allow true self-healing to occur? How can you self-heal while still engaging in this other thing? Watch now…

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