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Discover Your Purpose Speaker and guide to self-healing author Robyn G. Locke

I want to share a brief story but first, I’m happy to announce that Awaken will soon be released as an audiobook! Yes, you’ll soon be able to listen to Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change! I’m anticipating its release in April 2023! It’s so exciting that I couldn’t keep this news to myself any longer. Find its meditations and easy-to-follow steps as you delve into this audiobook’s deeper messages. It’s been a big process and one that I hadn’t fully anticipated. Yet I’m so grateful that it is finally out of my hands and going through the final review process.

Why Do I Lash Out?

why do I lash out?

Do you wonder why you occasionally lash out at those you love and care about? Recognize that other people in your life can (and do) hold integral components for your life’s progression. I’ll suggest that if you knew something was off, you would work to correct it. Right? But if you have an issue that you didn’t know existed, then what? How do you fix something you didn’t know needed fixing? And if lashing out isn’t something you routinely do, is this odd action meant to be a sign to explore why you did something so out of character? Does an occurrence need to be so extreme that you want to figure out why you did as you did? If it wasn’t extreme, would you just blow it off and continue on?

Help Another – Universal Love

Grow Universal Love to Help Another

Can you help another more readily by enlisting Universal Love? You can if you are ready to consider more. You’ll find more insights shared today as the Elders relate a bit more here. Part of their update is to remind us that we are not living in the highest or most evolved time in Earth’s evolution. Yet we exist in a state of readiness as more is given. They invite you and all who read and hear their update to reach out and ask questions. You can do that so easily now. Reach out with your questions at

Closer to Venus Podcast, Episode #100

Have you wondered why you are here? Do you wonder about living your life in the time you find yourself?

I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Closer to Venus Podcast. It’s hosted by Johnny Burke and is all about the burning topics: why we are living today and where we are going. It’s the central theme of his podcast. So fun to add another perspective into the mix of understandings. I had the pleasure of sharing what I’ve learned during this in-depth interview.

Mind Games (#6)

Does Your Mind Block Your Advancement? Move it Out of the Way this day. — Do you wonder about those things you long to create and why it seems that the mind doesn’t like what you introduce? Do you think it to be too difficult or that you simply can’t discover these things because each time you’ve tried you’ve seemingly found yourself redirected and looking to accomplish something else? Stop and recognize that you are in a mind game.