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    Discover Your Purpose Speaker and guide to self-healing author Robyn G. Locke

    I want to share a brief story and propose a guide to self-healing but first, I’m happy to announce that Awaken will soon be released as an audiobook! Yes, you’ll soon be able to listen to Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change! I’m anticipating its release in April 2023! It’s so exciting that I couldn’t keep this news to myself any longer. Find its meditations and easy-to-follow steps as you delve into this audiobook’s deeper messages. It’s been a big process and one that I hadn’t fully anticipated. Yet I’m so grateful that it is finally out of my hands and going through the final review process.

    And now, onto a short story. It began when a recovering addict sat next to me at the airport. He cautiously, yet happily, told me about being treated and released from a nearby recovery center. It was the third synchronistic meeting I’d had within a week. All three dealt with addictions. You see, I was hesitant about moving into discussing addictions here.

    If someone easily recognizes their own addictive qualities or traits, they are a step ahead of those who don’t recognize having those we term as hidden addictions. So let me ask, do you have a more easily discerned addiction? An addiction that you freely admit to having or one that you participate in openly? Or do you partake in something you do in private and don’t openly share or divulge to others? What we speak on are those addictions that are hidden and perhaps not even recognized.

    If you don’t recognize something done in secret, how do you move it into the light of day? To see it for what it is? I’d been torn about sharing the Elders’ insights on hidden addictions and was reluctant to talk about something so private and personal. I didn’t know how it would be received and wondered if it would take our original purpose message off-point. It’s a significant message and I didn’t want to lose its meaningful value.

    Aha Confirmations

    This was a unique time because I tend to work nonstop and don’t move beyond my home office very often. But now, having left my home, people started to appear and share their addiction stories. I had someone sit next to me who couldn’t wait to share their addiction story. It was the third such aha occurrence and I took note. Now, I was hearing a very personal story, and all within a week’s time. I had to take notice and realize what Universe was offering.

    So when the third occurrence appeared, I knew I had to get out of my head. I knew I had to stop imposing limitations on these teachings. It was time for me to recognize what addictions impose on another person’s life. It was time for me to take a leap of faith, as I’m asking you to do now.

    Is it Time? A Guide to Self-Healing

    Do you want to heal something in your body? How about your emotional body? How might you heal yourself emotionally? Might we start there? Consider my short story a guide to begin your own self-healing journey. Also, consider this as an initial step to emotionally self-heal. You see, you hold and store energy.

    The energy you store is what has remained unexpressed. It sits in readiness to become known. Universe says you are here to experience this life and so you will surely want to feel each energetic thing you’ve created. But do you truly want to immerse yourself in something that feels bad? Can you consider this question without engaging a victim mentality? If so, might we start there?

    Self-love is where to begin. So what does self-love mean to you? Is it, to a degree, pampering? Is it acceptance? It is non-judgmental? Is it the means of loving what is? Is it not pushing against what presents itself to you in this life journey? It is and can be all of these things. Yet most important to the equation is the releasing of mental constructs and mental limitations imposed by the mind.

    Mind Games

    Do you see how the mind wages, to a degree, war? Do you see how it does so to keep you in your place? And where do you believe that is? If you believe you are to become more than the mind suggests, you are ready for the more we discuss. 

    The mind will regulate and relegate your future if you allow it to do so. Recognize you are not the thoughts you think. And you are much more than what you may believe today. You can achieve anything you set out to accomplish. Know this. And choose love above all else. Choose to love yourself by honoring your place in this life. Honor wherever you want to enact during this life journey.

    All life is but an experience — a story. There are things in this life that you might prefer. While other things are not preferred. So you are meant to embrace what feels good and move away from those things that feel bad. That is the way this life is meant to work. It is a matter of navigating toward what you want and moving away from what you don’t want by feeling your way through life. Choose this over that. Find the pathway of least resistance inwardly. Navigate from that platform of awareness. Can you do this?

    Your Original Purpose

    You see, you came to experience something your Soul didn’t understand before embodying here. Let’s call it the Greater Purpose. The Elders have given three small books about the original purpose. They’ve been combined to become the purpose trilogy — The Greater Purpose. Reading and understanding their insights will allow new ahas to formulate. Recognize you came for a purpose. And that purpose can be discovered when you feel your way through life.

    But you see, often, the energy that was sought is not as one might expect. Because how can you know what one energy is without experiencing both its complementary and opposing elements? How can you really know one without experiencing the other? How can you know the full expanse of this thing without attaining both understandings?

    Find out when guided by your feelings. You are meant to recognize what feels good and what doesn’t. Move toward one and away from the other. Aren’t you inclined to move toward one objective when it resonates with you and move away from another when you don’t like how it felt or feels? It’s really as simple as that.

    Not knowing these things and not knowing they are gifts, one might look at them another way. Perhaps looking at them as unwanted or from a victim’s perspective. But instead, utilize them. Know how they provide direction and alert you as to which way to go. They help each to determine which way to progress. Recognize what their message offers in its recognition. 

    It’s how you perceive this life and its occurrences. And when recognition occurs, life appears differently. Then this life no longer feels heavy, weighted, or dense. 

    So now, how might you access what has been stored within? How can you locate the misaligned energy that has awaited detection within your body? And how might you get to the core component … that core energetic component? You’ll want to get to what lies at the core of such energy so more misaligned energy isn’t drawn in and layered upon what lies at the core.

    Law of Attraction

    As the Law of Attraction suggests, energy is drawn to other like-kind energy. It is an energy match or energy equivalent that keeps everything together in one handy place. And within life, all life works in this way. This is how people, activities, and occurrences become attracted or drawn to you. This is how the Law of Attraction works. You become magnetized to this or that energy and each enters your world in precisely that way. It is, in many regards, due to the energy you keep.

    Positive Thinking

    This is why you might want to keep tabs on the energy you keep. This is why positive thoughts and positive thinking are so integral. This is why present-moment awareness is so critical. This will move you beyond the mind games that exist when thoughts are not monitored and better thoughts are not maintained. Each is a step to consider, engage, and employ. Then you attract what is the next best thing as opposed to something else. With these initial steps, you set the groundwork to no longer draw to you what is unwanted and unnecessary. 

    Yet not having known this, what steps can you take today that will result in transformative change? What self-healing practices can you employ? 

    Release Beliefs

    The first thing you might consider is releasing preexisting beliefs. Beliefs are limitations. They self-limit and serve no real long-term value or purpose. If you believe this, you can’t believe that. Right? And do you wonder if there are steps and a process to employ?

    Get your Self-Healing Guide

    The best guide I know of to truly self-heal and enact change is our book, Awaken. It shares self-healing processes and practices. But what more might be shared?

    What feels right to you? Recognize you will want to contemplate this premise. You will want to allow an inner bubbling up to occur over time. A bubbling and resurfacing of the many ingredients that await your engagement.

    Can you locate a heavy or weighty area within your body? Can you locate where such weighty and unresolved emotional energy might reside? Do you remember something bad happening but you didn’t stop to feel the occurrence impersonally? Did you instead push it away or push through it instead?

    Are there other things that play repetitively in your mind’s eye, like a continual loop of thinking? At some point, you will also want to connect with these things to reset that mental loop of thinking. Connect, feel, and release such things today. 

    Tune in to begin an inner journey of renewal as you move into a new awareness. Baby steps are what you might enlist now. It is your attention to this and your intention to move forward in a more expanded way that will enable change to occur. Once recognized, you will quite literally be moving toward the discovery of a lifetime. 

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