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Step into New Opportunities

Step into New Opportunities

Today marks a day of vibrancy and hope as we move into the opportunities that await in the unfolding year. Not just for you, but for all who walk the path and seek enlightenment. Each new day does mark new opportunities that will bring solace and move each closer to all they seek and aspire to accomplish.

Heal Your Broken Heart

Broken Heart Meditation

Have you wanted to expand the way you see things or perhaps heal a broken heart? Here, the Elders give the means to bring in Light Energy so that you can heal, restore, and make whole that which is diminished right now.

Excalibur and Universal Love

What does excalibur mean to you?

In April 2022, I was given an insight into Universal Love that I didn’t understand. I questioned if I’d gotten the words right, or had heard their insight correctly. It’s been almost a year now, and while cleaning up some errant computer files, I came across something I’d titled, “Not Sure About This One”. I remembered questioning some of the wording I’d received in this Universal Love update.

Help Another – Universal Love

Grow Universal Love to Help Another

Can you help another more readily by enlisting Universal Love? You can if you are ready to consider more. You’ll find more insights shared today as the Elders relate a bit more here. Part of their update is to remind us that we are not living in the highest or most evolved time in Earth’s evolution. Yet we exist in a state of readiness as more is given. They invite you and all who read and hear their update to reach out and ask questions. You can do that so easily now. Reach out with your questions at