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Excalibur and Universal Love

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    What does excalibur mean to you?

    In April 2022, I was given an insight into Universal Love that I didn’t understand. I questioned if I’d gotten the words right, or had heard the Elders’ insight correctly. It’s been almost a year now, and while cleaning up some computer files, I came across something I’d titled, “Not Sure About This One”. I remembered questioning some of the wording I’d received for this Universal Love update.

    They had used the word “Excalibur” in relation to Universal Love. I recall thinking that this didn’t seem right as it didn’t make sense to me. What did their update mean, and why had they chosen this specific word? Why not another? Did I hear it right? Did they say something else that I’d missed? So I shelved it. 

    And what I’m now discovering as a result of this, is that I’ve got to get out of my own way to bring forward what they want to bring forward at the time they prefer. The Elders have the big picture, a 360-degree view of life. They are the experts on Love as they come from the Energy of Love. So Universal Love, well, they certainly know much more about this bountiful energy than I do. I don’t want to be a restrictor or gatekeeper any longer. 

    Hidden Addictions

    I no longer wish to restrict hidden addictions from being added to our event discussions. They helped me work through some addictive components within my own life and so I personally know the value of their words and of the insights being shared. And sometimes, we just have to get out of our own way to allow more to be. Do you see what I’m saying here?

    Know that we will be sharing much more as it relates to hidden addictions and how to self-heal when in Sedona. I hope you will make plans to join us there. We are in transformative times and the Elders provide such wonderful foundational footing. I hope you will consider exploring more opportunities to self-heal and discover new purposeful opportunities by joining us in Sedona next month.

    We will never know but a kernel of what the Elders know, but I’m so grateful for what they do provide in such a loving way. Come feel their energy in person. Discover their unconditional love as we share more purposeful undertakings, April 6-8.

    Universal Love

    In today’s update, they share more about Universal Love. Universal Love is such a big component and understanding. They know more about Universal Love than what our minds can fathom, and, more specifically, what my mind can conceptualize. I realize very specifically how it’s not good to sit on something I don’t get.

    So here, they use the word Excalibur as it relates to the power that Universal Love holds. And that we must be good guardians of that power. You see, some people at this time want to grow their awareness, and some are content where they are. Both are fine to do, but each must exercise judgment, in a good way, when greater understandings and insights are sought. 

    And so, I’d like to share this message of love with you by sharing it here now. Know from time to time you may not understand something that is given. Just like I didn’t understand the wording chosen within the video you’ll soon see. I would encourage you to continue beyond that particular post by reading the next post instead of disavowing what is given. You see, our minds seek to control our activities and our choices. As you gain a greater awareness —- well, you’ll be limiting what the mind suggests. 

    Still the Mind

    Seek to slow the mental meanderings of the mind. A good friend and colleague, Darity Wesley, has a website that’s all about taming the monkey mind. Check it out here.

    The mind pops in with assumptions and assumptive reasoning. And this will not get you to where you seek to go. Set aside understandings and return to them later when they don’t initially make sense. Know that you may be operating and navigating in uncharted waters. Give yourself time to process and for a bubbling up to occur. Put the unknowns on the shelf to consider another day, a week, or a year. But be sure to return to reread the words later to see if clarity results.

    You can also muse on the insights given in a contemplative moment. The key is you have to get the mind out of the way during those musings. Otherwise, you will simply be having another discussion with the thoughts you keep. Distinguish the difference. And then begin again.

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