Heal Your Broken Heart

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    Broken Heart Meditation

    Have you wanted to expand the way you see things or perhaps heal a broken heart? Here, the Elders give the means to bring in Light Energy so that you can heal, restore, and make whole that which is diminished right now.

    If your heart feels broken, if you are unhappy or out of sorts, or in need of a boost, you’ll want to enact this meditation. Just follow the steps outlined so that you can infuse your whole body with this healing elixir so that a means of restoration and revitalization can occur.

    A Fragile or Broken Heart

    If your heart feels fragile right now or if it doesn’t feel as it should, test out this meditation as you might an all-important exercise. Know that it is your focus that will make manifest what you seek to remedy.

    Light Energy is a unique energy that can heal, restore, and make whole that which is fractured and out of alignment. The Elders often recommend the use of this energy to heal. Universal Love is what we might also call it. It is the greatest means for you to energize your body and restore what is amiss and missing currently.


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