Everything is Energy, Vibration, Frequency

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    Everything is Energy, Vibration, Frequency

    Do you recognize that everything is energy, vibration, and frequency? Does that align with your thoughts? Does this statement make sense? It’s pretty straightforward and a concept I hadn’t really considered until I met up with the Elders.

    Often in life, there is a shifting of focus. Are you able to maintain focus or does your mind flit and float from one topic to the next? Here the Elders ask if you might consider steadying your attention so that your thoughts don’t shift and change focus so easily. They suggest you stay focused in an intentional way. A way of intention with attention.

    Let me ask this, have you ever engaged in a conversation where you wanted to relate a point or share a story? And in doing so, you gave examples from your own life experience as to the pertinence of the thing you wished to share. Does that sound familiar?

    But during the sharing of the story, did you quickly or abruptly move from one story to the next? Did you move into another story with a better storyline? But now you don’t recall where you were going with this tale … the point you wanted to make has vanished. You’ve become distracted and lost the ability to convey what you had thought to be so important. Does this ever happen to you?

    Cues Await Recognition

    Cues await recognition. Choices exist. Stay steadfast. Become anchored with the thoughts you are conveying so that something important doesn’t slip away as your attention falters. You see, there may be more to this story than you might currently believe.

    Ask When in Meditation

    If the answers (to what was posed) don’t immediately spring into view, stop and ask. Ask in meditation or contemplation when you don’t readily find the answers you seek. I’ll answer this soon but do you see that you have the means to get your answers whenever you want to discover more? When you seek more, there is always a means to get those answers addressed. Sometimes, though, you just have to slow the mind a bit before the answers can come into view.

    And so I’ll ask this next question. Are we being present in the moment during a time such as this? I’ll suggest that we may not be fully aligned with the thoughts we’re expressing if we are jumping all over the place. It took me a while to get to the core of this message and so I’m grateful to recognize something that I didn’t see before.

    When we’re fully immersed in what’s going on currently, we would have been more anchored to the central premise. More anchored and the point of the story would be in plain view. So if you flit and float about within your communications too, well, you might consider what has been suggested here.

    Strengthen a Muscle

    See this is another means to strengthen and grow a muscle. Grow your intentions. Grow the intention to build what you cannot see. It takes time to move much of this into manifestation. And the frequency you evoke, the vibration that comes from your being, each will be a means for your energy to shift and change accordingly. You will have the means to be all that you want to be in this discovery. Isn’t it amazing how all is awaiting that desire to connect, nurture, and feel?

    Life is amazing that way. It appears to be communicating one thing until it is not. Until you no longer need to hold that perception as you shift and change how you see this life and this experience. Change all that you seek to maximize and grow as you grow in the process.

    Energy, Vibration, Frequency

    Can you tell when your energy is attuned or at a high point? Can you discern the vibration you keep? What about your frequency? Does it play a part here too?

    If everything consists of these components, how do you maximize what you project out and into the world? You can do so by the energy you keep. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain those good thoughts and think only those things of an uplifting nature. You might find from time to time a reset is needed. When that happens, try taking a nap. That’s the best means of resetting your energy. Try it sometime when you need that sort of energetic boost.

    Engage a restorative energy meditation as another option or read the blog post where it can be found: Light Energy Meditation – Revitalize.

    Remember, all is up to you. What you want from this life, and how you want it to unfold. Now let’s listen to the Elders share more.

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    All is energy, vibration, frequency

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