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Is Karma as You Believe

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    Is karma as you believe?

    What is karma? If you know of karma, what do you believe it to be? The body is the repository of all feelings. Are you aware that some energetic components from earlier times are stored within your body? You see, lesser aspects have been tethered to you from other lifetimes. This was done so certain components might be recognized and their wholeness restored. So as your Soul came into this form, it did carry with it some of the emotional and energetic trappings that originated in other embodiments.

    Now we ask, have you chosen to accept the constraints of karma as defined by man? You see, you need not elect to do so.

    Karma has Man-Made Components

    Karma has many man-made components. Through the beliefs and choices each person elects to adopt through their free will, various underlying elements can be taken on and accepted. Be wise and deliberate when you take on a belief as it can change more than you might suspect, and even their resulting realities. Recognize there may be more here than you may currently see.

    Know that you have a choice to accept these understandings or to look again. We will say that it was not the intention for each one to carry with them the imperfections created from another time … other lifetimes. Nor were those missteps to be made right or atoned for within another time.

    Wholeness Sought

    The premise and purpose was to restore wholeness. That is what you might now see. It was the wholeness that was sought rather than atonement.

    It is only when you choose to adopt a belief that these things are then taken on. This is when you decide to carry a formerly held burden forward from (and to) another time. You may certainly choose to do so. In this way, you are exercising your free will by making that choice. Each may elect accordingly. Your Spirit or Soul Essence does have the free will option to accept this through beliefs held. Atonement is a man-made paradigm that you need not accept or embrace.

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