A Long-Ago Story and Your Practice

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    story from long ago

    The Elders share a story from long ago and the value of developing and growing your meditational practice. They share such insights here now but know they want you to have a better outcome than what is shared here.

    They recommend that you establish or shore up your practice. This has been recommended before, but now they do so from a historical perspective. They’ve also given us 10 Key Steps to Transformative Change. This will help you enlist and grow your meditational practice so that you might routinely ground, align, and anchor – to ultimately transform your life.

    Meditational Practice

    You’ve probably read or heard the Elders suggest establishing your meditational practice before. Think of this 10-step practice as a guide that will shift your future steps. You see, you’ll take different steps and make different choices throughout the day because it will set you on a different trajectory. That’s because of the groundwork you will establish when you develop this routine practice. And if you are already in the midst of your own practice, consider this anyway. You might see if their practice offers an additional step or two to incorporate into what you currently do. This will result in you experiencing the best life. They suggest this again now so that you might keep negative mental chatter in check … to not misstep.

    Mental Chatter

    I worked with someone recently who couldn’t slow the mind for a moment as they were pretty beside themselves because of the torment and anguish the mind sought to convey. Do you ever feel like that? Do you ever feel like it would be nearly impossible to stop the mind long enough when it gets you entangled in one of its dramas? And is the drama really as bad as the mind makes it out to be? How do you know what another thinks and what they believe? Instead, does the mind just fill in the blanks with worst-case scenarios?

    When the mind gets a hold of something, and you align with its negative premise – especially something that you don’t understand – it may run with it. In this way, the mind is relentless. And it’s quite a feat to still or slow the mind when you haven’t figured out a way to do so in advance of the onslaught experienced during these rants.

    Develop Your Meditational Practice

    Develop or add to your practice. Consider doing so sooner rather than later. They suggest this because you never know when life might throw you a curve ball. Do you realize that when you are in the midst of a crisis, it’s hard to slow the mind at that point? You need to do some work now to establish a strong practice that can be engaged when you need to regain this sort of control.

    The mind will seemingly always try to distract and move you away from doing so. It controls so much within our lives these days, and it certainly doesn’t seem to want to relinquish the control it already holds. Your job is to recognize when it is misdirecting steps taken when it leads you on a wild goose chase. Begin today to regain some of that control now. They suggest developing a means to still or slow the mind. In this way, you have the means available still and slow its banter throughout the day, and especially during an unexpected crisis.

    Our Books and Story

    So, in today’s update, the Elders share some additional details of my Soul’s first embodiment. They have been with my Soul each step of the way. As it began and is today. Now, they build upon what was given in the first chapter of Awaken: The Definitive Guide to Transformative Change. Maybe they shared this story because that initial embodiment was a tricky one. It was tricky because when we arrived, we were a bit naive. We’re new to this Earth experience. We arrive here in a more delicate state; we’re a bit more fragile not knowing what we don’t know. Our discernment may not be as keen. I believe this understanding was given as an opportunity for the reader to reflect inwardly on their own journey.

    I hope you will get your copy to consider if this experience could have been yours too. See if it resonates with you.

    Please join us on Thursday, October 20th, for a Facebook Live event at 9 AM EST as we launch both Awaken and The Greater Purpose: Awaken to Your Reason for Being.

    Listen now to the story they share…

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