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Why Change Your Perspective

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    change your perspective

    Knowledge is gained on Earth in unique ways. We wish to share that which we have a solid understanding to impart for your reflection. It is when you change your perspectives that new options will appear before you.

    Consider that all is never fully known due to free will choices presented in a circumstance of limitation. What does this mean?

    Shift Your Perspective

    When an individual opts between two or more choices, they do so from their relative perspective. Their perspective comes from the culmination of their life experience up to that time. Thus, their perspectives are based on a limited reality. This one factor does allow for different outcomes and must be considered in the equation or in its summation.

    There are premises that can hold fast such as the rising and setting of the sun, the tide which comes in and goes out, the orbit of the Earth around the Sun, and on it goes. Despite these regularities, humankind exists in a constancy of change due to choices made. And so with this, when any outcome might be shifted due to what might or might not be done, we recognize that all is at best fluid. But it is in the fluidity of promise that we wish to impart how to increase your perceived options. Would not the outcome be different if the choices were different or increased?

    And so, if you have two choices now, but then discover that you could make or recognize other choices, rather than just the two, wouldn’t additional options evoke different results? We believe this to be true. So imagine that you have always looked at life with a certain understanding. It is not to say this understanding is totally accurate or inaccurate. It is how you see things. Maybe things seem a bit scary. There may be global shortages, you might lose your job, you fear global warming, or some other thing that is beyond your individual control. And so, what will happen, and do you become angry or frustrated because you cannot see an end to the problems which might present themself? So what can be done?

    Release the “What Ifs” of Life

    You see, you must relinquish the “what ifs” of life and not subject yourself to things that may never be realized or are beyond your control. To live your precious life in a fear-based mentality is surely an unhealthy way to live as it creates a degree of stress within your life. Do not allow yourself to be trapped in a line of thinking that would limit you or your life choices. Know that there are many ways to look at things and so it is only a matter of shifting what you see and how you perceive what is seen. Do you realize from a slight adjustment of your focus, you can adjust your vantage to one which offers a better perspective? Might you then have other options that offer different and more beneficial potentialities?

    Drop the Drama

    Might you drop any “dramas” presented within the day and look at occurrences from an impersonal, disinterested standpoint? Don’t get caught up in the facade that was created by a friend, colleague, or by someone embellishing the storyline to persuade you to their line of thinking. This is when your intuition and discernment should be engaged. Each decision you make throughout the day is an election you make. So choose wisely. Live a life that results from vibrant choices made, rather than those inspired by fear.

    Seek to connect with uplifting options and know that at any time, when you change your focus, you change your perspective … which will allow different outcomes to be realized by considering another vantage as you engage in a fresh viewpoint. It’s all a matter of choice, what you choose to see, and how you allow those new vistas to impact your world.

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